Monday, November 18, 2013

Brighton - The Royal Pavilion and More - Nov 3

After we visited some book stores and other cool looking stores we wandered over to the Royal Pavilion.

We passed a restaurant called Ye Old King & Queen.

And there's the Pavilion.

This part of the pavilion used to be a stable for horses.

I wonder if they had pigs living in the pavilion as well.

A statue of one of the many kings called Charles.

There were squirrels in the garden of the pavilion.

After seeing the pavilion we wanted to do some more shopping for a very important item, but first we saw the last part of a fire-eater show.

After we finished our shopping Nikki went to her hotel, while Beanie, Andrea, Mungo, my owner and I went for a drink. We got hot chocolate of course.

I talked some more with Beanie and Mungo. it was fun.

Then they walked us to our hotel, so we could store the things we bought, before we would go to the last event of WFC.

This is the most important thing we bought!
An extra suitcase to be able to take home all those books we got.

Next time I will listen to Jeffe when she gives me advice about conventions. She told me I would need a really big suitcase, but I didn't believe her.

Coming next:
WFC - Dead Dog Party


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Ah, an extra suitcase... that will fit all of those books! I think you will have to bat your mcpig eyelaashes at the airline people so that they get distracted and don't weigh that bag...

Little fox said...

Sullivan, that is an awesome picture of you and beanie looking at the castle, perhaps one could say "beanietastic".

Did you ever find out if they have pigs living in the pavilion?

Melliane said...

it's a very beautiful place!

Aurian said...

Is that the famous building the Prince of Wales, Prinny, spend so much money on?