Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gilbert: Birds and Butterflies

The Orchid Homestead had birds as well.

These are Lori birds and we got to feed them!

Lots of orchids as well of course.

A banana plant in bloom.

Next we visited the butterfly garden.

That is not a butterfly!

It sure was a pretty garden.

If you were careful you could get close enough to take pictures.

I spotted this dead butterfly, a reminder of how fragile these creatures are.

This one had just transformed!

What a beautiful garden for the butterflies.

A butterfly with glass-like wings.

There's the statue again. Beautiful, but a butterfly garden is a weird place to put it in my opinion.

So cool to see them from so closeby.

After the butterfly garden there were more orchids to admire.

What a beautiful place.

I wonder what more we will get to see.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Gilbert: So Many Flowers!

This blogging thing is more challenging than I thought. It's fun to go on trips, but what a work to get the pictures sorted and up to the blog. But here is finally part 2 of our trip to Germany. Although... this outing was in the Netherlands.

We went to the Orchidee├źn Hoeve on Saturday!
It was a grey and cold day, but we were going to be mostly inside. The Orchidee├źn Hoeve (Orchid Homestead) has lots of orchids as you might guess by the name, but also animals!

Soon after entering I spotted my first animals: turtles.

There were beautiful orchids everywhere we looked.

Even above our heads!

There were also statues hiding among the foliage

This one is a little creepy I think.

This plant reminded me of pine cones.

There were lots of fish swimming in the artificial streams.

I totally love this orchid. So beautiful.

These really blue ones are painted.

There was a canoe in the stream as well.
I think it was just for decoration, it didn't look really seaworthy.

A bearded statue.

There were catfish as well.
My owner got to feed them with shrimp. That was fun to watch.

Some orchid blossoms were really tiny!

Here's a closeup.

A taxi bike.
It was also just for decoration sadly enough, or I'd have let my owner bike me around.

Turtle closeup!

What a wonderful place the Orchid Homestead was. And we hadn't even seen everything yet!

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