Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some extras

Nothing much happened the last few days, so here's some pictures that didn't make it into my blogposts earlier this week.



Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Spam and Mail

Yesterday we went into town for lunch.

Potatoes, mushrooms and bread with melted cheese.

When we got home there was a book in the mail.
I won this one over at LesleyW's Book Nook. Voodoo Bride is very pleased with this win as it looks like her kind of book: Vampire chicklit.

Today there was mail from Hammie.

He made stamps from one of the pictures that were taken on Wednesday.
Aren't they beautiful?!

Thanks Hammie, what a wonderful reminder of our great day out in Groningen!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beanie visits Groningen - part 2

Hammie climbed a tree and when he couldn't get down me and Beanie rescued him.

We also climbed this shrub and that was a lot easier I can tell you.

At one of the stores we visited I spotted a really cool piggy card.

At the art supplies store we did more climbing. On a huge wooden doll this time.

I found a very comfortable seat on the doll.

They had all kinds of frames at the art supplies store as well.

More piggy stuff!

After a fun filled day Beanie had to get back to the station to catch his train, but first we had a drink.

And I got a fudge bar from Harr, one of Hammie's humans.

Much too soon we had to say goodbye.

Then Beanie got back on the train and me and Hammie waved until he was out of sight.

I had two really cool days and lots of fun with Beanie and Hammie. I hope we will be able to meet again some day!

Beanie visits Groningen - part 1

After I met Beanie in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Beanie came over to Groningen for a visit on Wednesday! And Hammie came to Groningen too, so he could meet Beanie as well and so we could tour the city with the three of us!

First we showed Beanie the beautiful station hall.

Next we showed him the statue of a famous horse:
't Peerd van Ome Loeks
(Uncle Loeks' horse)

There's a song about this horse, only it's a bit of a sad song as it's about the fact he's dead. Not sure why the death of this particular horse is so special I must confess.

Next we walked into town. On our way over we did some window shopping.

I wouldn't mind having this painting on my wall.

Then we had lunch, but all my pictures of lunch are way too dark, so don't forget to check the blogs of Hammie and Beanie. Hammie already posted about our meeting and I think Beanie will do so soon.

After lunch we showed Beanie the most beautiful tower in all of the Netherlands:
The Martini Tower

At the tourist shop I saw this really cool t-shirt, but they didn't have it in my size.

We found a sculpture thingie that showed the city centre and was especially for blind people.

We also visited the Prinsentuin, a garden that is open to public, but somehow I never visited it before even though it's close to the city centre

I think I might come back here in spring or summer to see how it will look then.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Special Trip - part 2

We had a great spot on the rear of the canal boat where we had a good view on everything around us.

We're being followed!!

Everytime the boat had to make a turn there were lots of waves.

Wow! That is a lot of water!

Is that chicken on the left?
What is it doing on a ship?

Me and my owner.

After the tour we all went for a drink.
I got hot chocolate and a cookie.

It was some kind of waffle.

We also visited a shop that had these colourful piggies.

And lucky cats and owls.

After that me and my owner had to go back to Groningen.
We said goodbye to Beanie, but not for long, because:

Today Beanie visited Groningen!
I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

A Special Trip - part 1

Yesterday my owner and me made a trip to Amsterdam and look who I met there:


Beanie had come all the way from the UK for a short holiday and I was very happy to finally meet him in real life!

Here we are posing together with Andrea. My owner and Andrea also met for the first time outside of the internet, so it was a really cool meeting for us all!

After talking for a bit we ordered lunch.
Hmmm... I'm so not going to eat that! What was my owner thinking when ordering it?

This looks more like it:
onion soup and french bread.

After lunch Beanie let me pick out a present from the treasures he keeps in his backpack. I chose a green lucky coin.

Then we all went for a walk to a bookstore my owner likes to visit when she's in Amsterdam and on our way there we spotted an street organ.

And a mysterious alley!

At the bookstore Beanie got me another present.
Isn't it cool?!

We walked around some more and I almost ran into a tram. We don't have those in Groningen.

Beanie found some statues of lizards before meeting us and he showed them to me.

And next we went on a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals!