Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Gilbert: A Windy Walk with Obstacles (Schiermonnikoog Day 3)


On Wednesday it was even more windy than the days before, but still sunny. We decided to leave the bikes and go for a walk. 

WE took a route Sullivan told me about towards the light house.

I don't remember him telling there was so much water here though...

This is te right way according to the sign.

Wait... What?

The road is underwater!

And it was too deep to wade through without getting totally wet.

How do we get to the light house now?

WE walked next to the water for a while, but couldn't find a way across.

So close, yet so far.

Finally we found a small path through the bushes that went in the right direction.

We had to be careful, but we made it!

And I spotted mushrooms along the way.

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Monday, January 29, 2024

Gilbert: Beach and Sea Spam (Schiermonnikoog Day2)


On our second day on Schiermonnikoog the weather was still good so we biked to the beach.

You know what that means, right:
Beach and Sea Picture Spam!

It was windy, but otherwise it was wonderful weather.

After enjoying the  beach we found a place out of the wind.

And had a snack: cheesy croissants.

And hot chocolat with Amaretto. Yum.

Next we biked back towards the village.

Because of the wind we decided to rest for a bit at our favorite spot and we had more hot chocolat.

We also had a look at the beach there.

Looks like the water came really high during the last storm.

Back at the apartment there was more relaxing and reading. A friend came over for dinner and we had a great evening until we had ti kick him out at 22:00 according to the rules of the apartment.

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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Gilbert: A trip to Schiermonnikoog (part 1/Day 1)


Last week we went on a trip!
It was time to visit Schiermonnikoog again. On the ferry I got hot chocolat! 

When we got to the island we first went to the small apartment we rented. It had a small living room and kitchen downstairs. The couch was very comfy!

And a bath room and bed room upstairs. It all looked perfect in my opinion.

As they had predicted a very rainy week,we immediately rented bikes to enjoy the sunny weather.
First we visited the WWII bunker.

There's a map of thee island on top of the bunker.

No rain in sight! There was a lot of wind though. 


Next we took our bikes and went in  search of he light house!

No visit to Schiermonnikoog is complete without visiting the light house!

There was a poem next to the light house. Diana told me about this. It's to spread awareness of the language/dialect spoken on the island. This poem was about the light house.

It was a gorgeous afternoon.

Next we went grocery shopping and we relaxed for a bit before...

Going out for dinner. I got a nice glass of cider.

We played Pikomino while waiting for our food.

(I stuck to the French Fries even though my owner said the meat was beef.)

After dinner we relaxed some more before turning in for the night.

Next: Beach.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Gilbert - Birthday fun!


Last week was our birthday!
The birthday fun started a day early: my owner's friends turned Game Night into a small Dinosaur themed Surprise Party!

There were also dinosaur balloons, a dinosaur Happy Birthday banner, and lots of other dinosaur decorations.

We got presents: a new Final Girl expansion, warm socks, cool dino and hippo stickers, and a new key chain.

After a delicious dinner we played Stone Age. It was a really fun game, don't believe people who tell you it's just like Catan.

We did take a break for birthday cake of course!

It was a really awesome evening.

We got to take the happy birthday banner home. It fit perfectly with the other birthday decorations our owner's Other Half put up for us!

On our birthday there was birthday pie.

We got books from Melliane (two of them pictured here)

We got to open the birthday box from Miki.

Look at all the cool presents!

There was a box in the mail with a cool card for our owner from her Other Half.

Roses in a  box?

Once taken out of the box it was a beautiful bouquet! What a fun way to receive flowers.

Next we went into town were my owner got to pick even more presents.

She got these cool dinosaur and flamingo socks.

And these books.
I'm very curious about the middle one, it has dinosaurs. 

We also had a drink at Hooghoudt.

And a yummy late lunch/early dinner!

In the evening we relaxed and had drinks, snacks and cheese. It was a very cool birthday.

Snowy Morning Picture Spam.

On Friday we were invited for a birthday dinner with family.
We went to a Chinese restaurant where they had very yummy food.

And my owner got a sparkly birthday dessert!

It was a really fun and awesome evening.

On Saturday we played games with friends all day!
Another  fun and awesome day!

Next: a trip maybe?