Friday, October 30, 2015


I've been taking it easy lately and I've been relaxing with some of my friends, but this week I had some crafting to do.

We got some turkey crafting kits from Jeffe.
First we started on one that was made with tissue paper.

My owner helped me figure out what to do.

We rolled the colored tissue paper and stuck it to the turkey picture with double sided tape. It was lots of work, but also lots of fun!

After lots of crafting we finished the turkey.

Isn't it gorgeous!?

On to the next turkey!

This one was simpler.
We had to stick glitter stickers to a turkey.

All done!

We gave both turkeys a nice spot in the living room.
Thanks, Jeffe!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Turkeys in My Mail

Today we received an awesome package from Jeffe.
She sent us some really cool Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

This turkey immediately got a spot in our autumn display.
I'll get out the scissors and glue this weekend to assemble the others as well.

Jeffe also included a Coastal Magic shirt for my owner.
Maybe one day my owner can wear it while actually being at a Coastal Magic Convention, but it won't be the upcoming convention I'm afraid.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cool Mail and a Medal

This week we received mail from Hammie.
He sent a beautiful pig card and a button of the Bremer Street Musicians. How cool!

And we received mail from Beanie as well!
Beanie send us the next book in the cool Cirque du Freak series, AND a signed copy of Zom-B Fugitive!

And it's signed to me!

Today my owner participated in 'De 4 Mijl van Groningen'.
The 4 Mile of Groningen is a really huge running event that's held every year in Groningen. She got this medal as a reward for making it to the finish. I think I'm allowed to be proud of this medal as well, because I'm the one who told her it's important to learn how to run away from zombies.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

An Autumn Walk

Last Sunday the weather was really nice, so we went for a walk to Garnwerd.

In Garnwerd we of course had something to drink at Hammingh.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fraeylemaborg and Food

We toured the Fraeylemaborg after we had lunch.
There were lots of paintings and furniture.

I think this guy was one of the former owners of the Fraeylemaborg.

In the dining room the table was all set for dinner.

I wonder if this lady is one of the former owners as well.

A linen closet.

I spotted an old map.
Look: there's Groningen!

The owner and me testing out the selfie camera on her new phone.

They had a miniature canon!
I wonder if it works.

Another view on the tower.

It was a fun outing.
I think the Fraeylemaborg is a beautiful building.

On the way to the car I saw this sign.
It tells the distance to other UNESCO world heritage sites.

In the evening we went out for dinner.
I got a glass of Prosecco

And lots of yummy sushi!

It was a really fun day!
Thanks Aurian and Freya!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Visit to the Fraeylemaborg

Last Saturday I got a visit from Aurian and Freya.
We decided to do some sightseeing and went to the Fraeylemaborg, a big building that dates back to the Middle Ages.

I spotted this toadstool.

You don't often find one of these that is undamaged.

We had a stroll through the garden, and saw some cool stuff.

Then we had lunch.
Mustard soup: Yum!

I had a look at the sun dial.

Then we made our way to the Fraeylemaborg itself.

Next: More Fraeylemaborg pictures, and dinner!