Sunday, July 26, 2020

Gilbert - More Fun and Food

Last Friday we went on a bike ride to Garnwerd

We visited restaurant Hammingh.
It was a beautiful day, so the bridge guard was kept busy with openning the bridge for boats

I got french fries!

It was a lovely afternoon.

On out way home we stopped at the grocery store, and I spotted these cool beer cans.

Yesterday we went out for dinner again.
I got to try nachos. They were really yummy.

My owner got a beef stew, but I didn't try it, as Sullivan taught me to not trust our owner's food when it had meat in it.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gilbert - A Trip and Drinks

Yesterday we went on a trip to Noordpolderzijl.

I got a great spot to take in the views.

I also tried the side mirror, to see what was behind us

I could see myself!

We took a roundabout way through the province so we could enjoy the scenery.

I just love all those open fields, and the sky was beautiful.

We also took some really small country roads. That was really cool and adventurous in my opinion.

Almost there!

Even though Noordpolderzijl is on the coast, we didn't get to the sea as there are lots of fields between the dyke and the sea, and some of those fields are very muddy. I don't like getting muddy. These cows didn't mind too much.

I made a selfie of me, our owner and her OtherHalf!

After a walk we got a drink at the small cafe at Noordpolderzijl.

I also got to taste a beer.

And we got a plate of yummy snacks!

After the drinks and snacks we drove home, we took the quick not so scenic route back, so I didn't take anymore pictures on the way home.

In the evening we went out for dinner with friends who were visiting Groningen. It was at THe Five Tastes, so Sullivan came along, because he knew they had really tasty Wasabi Martini's there!

After the Wasabi Martini we decided to try the Sake-tini.
That one was really yummy as well.

There was a lychee in the Sake-tini!

After dinner we took a walk across the Fish Market.

And had a last drink at a cafe before saying goodbye to our friends and going home.

It was a really cool day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gilbert: Drinks, Food, and Books

We went into town yesterday to visit the bookstore. After we got books we wanted something to eat and drink so we went to one of our favorite cafes. Everyone was sitting outside, so we had a whole floor to ourselves.

I got a very yummy blackberry cider.

And I got to try a dark beer as well.

We had sweet potato fries and a goat cheese pizza to go with our drinks.

They were really tasty, especially the fries.

Here are the books we got. One is for Sullivan and the other one for me.

It was a fun afternoon.