Sunday, May 28, 2023

Gilbert - A Trip to the Museum


At the end of April we got tickets to visit the Versace Exhibit at the Groninger Museum. We invited a friend to join us.

When we arrived at the museum we saw there was another exhibit as well: art from album covers made by studio Hipgnosis. We decided to check that out first.

There were some really cool pictures, like this lobster going for a walk.

A sheep lounging by the sea.

Oh! I recognize this!

There were several photos of the famous Pink Floyd pig! So cool to see.

Next it was time for Versace.

I'm probably an uncultured piggy, because this is not to my tastes.

I liked some of the punk and alternative inspired outfits.

But it was fun to look around and criticize the clothes on display.

View on the canal.

Seeing all these mannequins from behind was a bit surreal. 

We also had a quick look at the permanent exhibit.

A flying robot.

Not sure what this is,

And I saw The standard-bearer by Rembrandt which was temporarily on display.

It was beautiful weather, so we went to the Gold Office where had drinks and nachos outside, enjoying the sun.

Later we went to friends for dinner and games. It was a really fun day!

Friday, May 12, 2023

Gilbert - Wildlands - part 3


I spotted a distant relative!

We took a ride in a train-thing across Serenga to get closer to the animals.

After the ride we went to the lookout point to see the giraffes.

We walked through an abandoned train to see more animals.

Next we visited the last part of the zoo: Nortica

This is the official entrance, but we took a shortcut, so I took this picture when we left Nortica instead of when we entered.

Nortica had polar bears!

And penguins who were swimming much too fast!

I didn't spot Bigfoot.

And luckily these squirrels didn't show themselves either.

Sea lions enjoying the sun.

We also took a virtual space flight over the Arctics and saw a warehouse full of rats, but we didn't get good pictures.

When we saw everything it was almost closing time. My owner's friend drove us home. It was an amazing day!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Gilbert - Wildlands - part 2


Back in the domed jungle I spotted this animal lounging on some crates.

He totally wasn't interested in a chat.

Next we had an early lunch.

After lunch we made a boat ride and saw the elephants again.

We also watched a show.

There was this guy singing about surviving in the jungle and stuff, but I thought this chicken was the coolest part of the show!

Next we saw the jungle from above by walking along rope bridges.

We went outside again after that and I spotted these skulls.

And a throne!
King Gilbert.

We reached the end of the Jungola part of the zoo and entered Serenga!

There were friendly goats

And a school were you could learn about goats and donkeys.

Next we went to see the hippos!
It was too cold for them to be outside, so they were in their winter housing.

I need to visit the zoo again this summer to see them in their summer pool.

We saw a sea turtle.

And tortoises!

There were lots of cool animals to see.
More coming soon!