Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Special Meeting at an Art Fair

Today my owner and me went to an art fair. First we took a bus to get to Stadskanaal where the fair was being held.

Once we got there we had to find the fair, but luckily it was very easy to spot.

My owner told me to keep my eyes open to see if I could spot someone familiar. Now who could she be talking about?

It was Hammie!
Hammie was at the fair to help G. sell Mandala's. It was really cool to meet Hammie for real and not to just see his pictures at his blog.

We really hit it off right away, but that's not too surprising ofcourse as we already know each other so well through our blogs and the cards and such we send to each other.

After talking to Hammie for a while I took a look around at the rest of the art fair. I saw these helmets and machines and wondered what they were for.

There was lots of beautiful art.
I really liked these chicken statues I must say.

And someone drew chickens on a caravan too! It seems the people in Stadskanaal love chickens.

I also saw a man who was painting a motorcycle

And a stand that had lots of jam and chutney on sale.
All the covers of the jam and chutney pots were painted with birds. Very beautiful!

After I explored the fair I went back to Hammie's stand for another chat. And then I suddenly saw the weird machines I saw earlier approaching in the distance!

So me and Hammie had to explore ofcourse!

It turned out to be some kind of cool Space Alien! He noticed us and leaned down to examine us as well. Very exciting!

After meeting the Space Alien we said goodbye to Hammie and G. I hope we'll meet again sometime as it was really fun!

We had some time left before we had to catch our bus again so we took a walk along the canal.

And look:
I found the statue of the spitting boy that Hammie showed on his blog a while back!

More canal picture spam.

After our walk we went to the bus station and waited for our bus.

Leaving Stadskanaal.

And then we were back in Groningen after a fun afternoon with Hammie.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pigs, a Cool Package and Clouds

When I got home today there was lots of cool mail waiting. First there was a new Cross Stitch magazine for my owner, but her friend Jan, who sends the magazine over to us also included these felt stickers. Aren't they cool?
Thanks Jan!

There was also a package addressed to my owner, but I stayed close as you never know.

And it's a good thing I did as it turned out it was for me after all! It was the prize I won at a contest over at Wicked Jungle. I had asked them to put my owner's name on the package as I didn't know if we had to sign for the package and some mailmen think pigs can't sign. Look at all the goodies I won:

There's lots of bookmarks and other small cards all promoting books and a button too! I haven't heard of a lot of these books, so I'll be checking them out for sure, especially 'Silver Zombie' sounds promising.

There were also a couple of larger, postcard-sized promo cards, including of 'Embers', a book which I love and of 'Dark Oracle' a book that I'm impatiently waiting for as I ordered it at my local bookstore. And on the left you can see a signed sneak peek booklet of 'Forged of Shadows' by Jessa Slade. I will definately be reading the sneak peek to see what it's about.

And last, but certainly not least, there was also a book: 'Nightwalker' by Jocelynn Drake

As you can understand I'm very happy with my prize!

And lastly a cloud picture, because... Well, I don't need a reason to post cloud spam I think.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Hammie Mail!

Today there was a package for me and Coco!

It turned out to be from Hammie, who had send us really cool souvenirs from his trip to France. Just look at all the yummie and beautiful stuff!

There was even a bag of special pig candy. I think the picture on it will be clear enough for you to figure out what kind of pig item this candy is supposed to look like ;-)

And there was a pig card holder in the package too. Isn't it great!

and lastly a picture of the pig card holder together with the beautiful Mandala card Hammie send us and which was made by G.

Thanks Hammie and G.!
We love our souvenirs!


What are those two zombies whispering about?
They just found out I've been interviewed about zombie books by vvB32. Keep an eye on vvB32 Reads as the interview will be up somewhere today!

And for those wondering about these zombies: The zombies are from the really cool Board Game 'All Wound Up'. It has wind up zombies who have to race each other across the graveyard!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plants vs Zombies and Clouds

I got a really cool new game from my owner's family: Plants vs Zombies. You have to stop zombies from entering your house and eating your brain by planting defensive plants who destroy the zombies for you.

I've been playing it for the last two days, it's very addictive!

There were lots of beautiful clouds today. Here's a picture of the clouds as seen from our street.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Trip to Kampen - part 2

After our visit to the comicbook store we walked through the city to the park.

We entered the park through the gate you see in this picture. It's one of the three gates that Kampen has and it's still in use for meeting like weddings and such.

I think it's a really beautiful building.

A view on the gate from inside the park.

One of the towers of the gate.

It was really beautiful in the park. I saw lots of flowers including these white ones which were named Vogelmelk (Bird's Milk) which I think is a weird name for a flower. (In english they're called Star-of-Bethlehem I think.)

All the trees had name tags so you could see what kind of tree it was. This one is a Canadian poplar tree.

And look what kind of animals were swimming close to that tree: Canadian geese.

After a while I spotted the towers of one of the other gates!

This gate had statue in front of it of some guy with a flute. I wonder if he's related to that guy in Hameln who played the flute to lure rats and children out of town.

A better view of the gate.

More pretty greenery and buildings spam.

A view on what I think is the most beautiful church of Kampen, the Bovenkerk (Upper Church).

After the really fun walk in the park we went to the house of my owner's family and there I met Witje the sheep. We talked for a long time and that was lots of fun.

Witje confessed he's a follower of my blog and asked me for an autograph. As Witje is such a nice and friendly sheep I couldn't refuse ofcourse.

All in all I had a great day in Kampen and I made a new friend!