Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creepy Mail

There was a package from Beanie for me today.
Because he had warned us there might be zombies inside, I made sure to be armed when I opened it.

There was a card in a fun envelope, an orange piggy that Beanie rescued from a life on the streets and a mysterious ball that had the words Squeeze Freaks on it.

There was a creepy skull inside!
But what do I see behind his eyes?
I asked my owner to give the creepy critter a squeeze...

It's a worm!
How gross and cool!

Thanks Beanie!
What a great present.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Card and A Walk Where I Meet a Tiger

This Friday I received a card from Bob & Dilly!
They sent a beautiful card of a hedgedragon.

Thanks Bob & Dilly!

That evening we went for a walk.

The sun was setting and the sky looked beautiful.

On our way home I spotted a tiger in a tree!

I went over to talk to him and he was a bit aloof, but willing to have a chat.

He told me he was in the tree guarding against zombies.
I didn't spot any zombies that evening, so he must be doing a good job.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Books

No trips or outings so far, but I can tell you that my owner booked a plane ticket, a bus ticket and a hotel for us both for a trip to World Fantasy Con in Brighton this October!

And today there was more bookish mail:

Enbrethiliel sent me PO-ON.
She had a really cool giveaway event at her blog and I didn't win, but one of the winners conspired with her to donate his prize to me.

Thanks Enbrethiliel and generous winner!

Suzanne Johnson sent us Storm Force (which she wrote using her alias Susannah Sandlin. Voodoo Bride read and loved the other books Suzanne wrote as Susannah Sandlin, so she's really looking forward to reading Storm Force.

Thanks Suzanne!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm still Alive and Bookish Mail

I'm still around, just bored out of my mind.
My owner seems to think that a week in Rome should be enough to keep me happy for a long time, but I want to do something fun more often than once a year!

We do have a cool trip planned in October, but that's a long way away so I hope to bug my owner in doing something fun sooner.

We did receive cool mail from Melliane:

She sent us a book and some cool swag.
I especially like the zombie sticker. The book looks like a cool read for Voodoo Bride.

Thanks Melliane!