Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lunch with Hammie

I met Hammie today for lunch!
I got to eat Fish and Chips from a newspaper! Yum!

We hung out in my owner's bag together with a piggy and hedgehog Hammie brought along as presents.
It was fun to catch up. We also did some shopping after lunch and I of course bought some books.

We should do this more often.
Thanks for the fun afternoon, Hammie and G.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What's the Piggy Been Doing?

I've finally done some things besides reading and gaming.

On August 28 I went to a book market and got two me-sized books.

Last Thursday we heard our favorite restaurant was closing at the end of August, so we decided to eat there one last time.

Yum Yum!

After our meal we said goodbye to the restaurant.

Bye, bye, cooks. Thanks for all those awesome meals.

I'll miss this place.

The main entrance.

Bye, lions and Buddha.

One last picture with one of the lions.

On Friday we were meeting my owner's aunt.
We went to the station to greet her as soon as she arrived.

We went into town for a lovely lunch, but my owner forgot to take a picture. After lunch we visited the Martini tower and we climbed it!

I think these ropes are to ring the bells.

The tower has bells that can play all kinds of songs. I'm not sure if these were those bells or just replicas. I think replicas, because bells should be bigger, right?

That's more like it!

We had a great view!

We even went higher, but they put wire at the windows, so you couldn't fall off.

We climbed all the steps down again and showed my owner's aunt the dragon outside of the tower.

We did some shopping and sightseeing and my owner and me got a book gift card from her aunt, so we bought two books of course. At the end of the afternoon my owner's aunt went back home. We had an awesome day!

At home a package from Jeffe was waiting for us, and it was full of books! There were also marzipan piggies for me. Thanks, Jeffe!

Today we got a present from my owner's best friend:

They're zombielike creatures, and they are really cool! I immediately made a picture of them with one of my zombie books.

One of the Zomlings is a piggy!

Thanks, K!