Saturday, June 27, 2020

Gilbert: An Outdoor Dinner

Earlier this month we were invited for a birthday dinner. Because of the current situation the dinner was outside so we could keep at a safe distance from other people.

I got to try Groninger mustard soup! It was very yummy!

We also had bread and flavored butter with the soup.

The main course was a burger and fries!
The burger was called El Mariachi, but Sullivan warned me in advance I should never trust a burger my owner orders, so I played it safe and assumed it wasn't made from a guitar player and stuck to the fries.

These were delicious, btw!

For dessert I had ice cream with raspberry sauce!

We took a small peek inside the restaurant after dinner, and they had a cool piggy painting!

I also spotted this sign on a drain. It says: "Here the sea begins". I looked around, but didn't spot the sea though.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Gilbert: Elder Flowers

At the start of June we gathered a lot of elder flower blossoms.

We put the blossoms in water and let it stand for a day.

The next day we made tons of elder flower syrup!
It turned out very yummy and I've been drinking a lot of elder flower lemonade since.