Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - Part 3

After our visit to the herb garden we went to a lookout point.

It was lovely weather.

I had a great view and a nice spot to sit.

This is the life!

In the afternoon we went to see a parade from the local shooter club.

These guys are all hunters and/or interested in target shooting.

This parade was for their king who was stepping down that day. The next day there would be shooting games to decide who would become the new king.

After the parade there was a party.
Everyone was invited.

In the party tent there was a stage where people could say goodbye to the king and his wife.

Next we went to look at a church!

We walked around it first, and I spotted an old barn.

This was a really old church. Over 800 years old!

It was a beautiful church in my opinion.

With very old painting on the ceiling.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Next: The lake once again

Monday, June 24, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - Part 2

On Saturday we visited a small house with vending machines.
There were lots of things I never saw in a vending machine before: jam, pickles, sausages.

24 hour something... country milk?

It turned out to be a fresh milk vending machine!

We got a whole bottle of fresh milk. Yum.

The rest of the day we did some grocery shopping, reading, and other fun stuff, but no more pictures were taken that day.

On Sunday we had a lovely breakfast.

I especially loved the yogurt and the cheesy bread.

After breakfast we visited a small local shop that also had a herb garden.

It was very pretty.

Angel statue!

There were cool duck statues as well.

A mouse.

A cat.

It was a fun shop to visit.
We bought a bottle of elderflower liqueur and then we went on to our next touristy thing.

More about that next time.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - part 1

The weekend of Pentecoste we went on a fun trip!
We visited Aurian in Germany. She had invited us and some other booklovers for a weekend of books and fun.

After we arrived and stored our luggage she took us shopping and we visited a small store that sold really cheap cookies!

I had trouble deciding which to get, but finally settled on pina colada cookies.

Next we visited a lake.

I tried out the spyglass.

Such lovely weather.

I almost felt like I was on a tropical vacation.

We ordered cocktails and my owner and I had a Swimming Pool.
There was also a cocktail named Zombi. I might have to try that one if we visit again.

The view at the house we were staying at.

In the evening we had our own liqueur tasting, inspired by the tasting me and my owner had not long ago. Most were really yummy, there was only one we really didn't like.

After much tasting we went to bed. We had a room to ourselves and a beautiful purplish bed cover.

I read a bit, but then went to sleep: ready for more fun the next day.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sheep Shearing Festival

Today we went to the Sheep Shearing Festival in the park.
The city sheep were getting a shave to get rid of their woolly coat, so they don't get too hot this summer.

These sheep were still waiting for their turn.

These two told me they were looking forward to getting a nice shave.

There were also market stalls with all kinds of woolly stuff.

Oh, green silk wool! Just my color.

There was also a stand with really yummy cheese.

It was a fun afternoon.
My owner got me some purple wool, and we will see if we can make something cool with it.