Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sullivan - A Book Filled with Me!


Recently I got a voucher to try one of the Professional Line photo books from Saal Digital NL 
I selected some of my favorite pictures and used their easy use software to create an album. After about a week it arrived in the mail!

It's me on the cover!
Isn't that cool? This picture was taken in Prague in 2011.

Oh, I remember this outing as well. 
So much fun to have these pictures in a book!

More beautiful memories.

Now that I'm retired from traveling I can reminisce with this gorgeous photo album.

I love how the album turned out.
I think I'll have another look through all my pictures and make another album one of these days.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Gilbert - Food and a Hunebed

On Thursday evening we went into town for a walk and something to eat. I spotted a pigeon on the roof of the synagogue.

We went to Poke Spot for dinner, and I got a nice cold soda.

And a beer!

The poke bowl I got was really tasty.

Afterwards we walked home along one of the canals.
It was a beautiful evening.

On Friday we went on a trip by car.
First we went to Rolde for dinner. I got French fries and fried fish. It was really yummy!
Next we went to Hunebed D16 in Balloo.

A hunebed is a kind of dolmen/cairn. This one was dug up completely and later reconstructed with the original stones. Most hunebedden in the Netherlands got accidentally (partly) destroyed. This was because the guy who was in charge of archaeological finds in the Netherlands didn't know how the hunebedden were supposed to look, so he dug off all the sand around the stones, because he thought the sand just blew on the stones instead of the sand being an actual part of the dolmen. I think they still are really impressive even reconstructed and without the sand.
What a lovely place to spend the evening.
I brought a dinosaur magazine to read while enjoying the summer weather.
More hunebed pictures.

It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful spot.
I wouldn't mind returning here in the future.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gilbert - Food, Sun, and Fun

Last week we went to the IKEA and the restaurant was open! So we got French fries!

Outside of the restaurant we made sure to wear masks. Mine was a bit big though! I think they should McPig-sized masks.

We got surprise flowers in our mail last Tuesday from G&H. 
We never got flowers by mail before! How cool.

On Friday we went out for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.
I got a Virgin-Mojito. It was very tasty.

My owner ordered beef stew.
It looked tasty, but I'm sticking to Sullivan's rule: if it looks like it could be pork, don't eat it

The view at the Vietnamese restaurant.

Earlier this week we went for a walk close to home.

It was lovely weather.

I saw this building that had grass growing on it on purpose!

We also passed some places where they were working on the road.

Here there was even water running into the ditch they made. If it wasn't so dirty it would be a nice way to cool off.

It was a nice walk and I think we'll go for another walk soon.