Thursday, November 9, 2023

Gilbert: Still Around, and update


I'm still around. 
Here's an update of the things I've been doing.

We went to a Game Night in September where I got to play King Domino.

And Azul.
I really liked King Domino, but Azul was lacking something. Sullivan said it was probably lacking dinosaurs. 

We received awesome mail: A piggy card, dinosaur stickers, and a game on a postcard!

We visited a friend and played Final Girl. This time we almost won!

And we played Tidal Blades, which was a really cool game.

And Farm Fuss, and easy game that looks really cute.

We went for an afternoon stroll.

We had dinner at The 5 Tastes!

I had a Wasabini of course!

And w went to the movies to see the Taylor Swift Eras Concert movie.

And we had a really cool trip planned, but.....

Our owner got ill, so we had to cancel.
We did receive awesome mail that cheered us up though!

We got books, chocolate and more from Jeffe.

A really beautiful card from P.

And a Chocolate Melter Skull from Beanie!

You can put it in warm milk and it will melt. There's even brains inside Beanie told us! We're going to try it soon.