Saturday, January 18, 2020

Birthday Fun

It was our birthday on Thursday!
The past ten years Sullivan always celebrated with our owner, who we share our birthday with, and Gilbert celebrated with our family and some plushie friends. This year we both celebrated with our owner.

The days leading up to our birthday we received cards and birthday books, and presents. The day itself we got to open Miki's birthday package which was awesome. We got more books from our owner's Other Half, and we went birthday shopping!

We first went to IKEA where we had french fries!

We also explored the IKEA of course, because they had rearranged stuff. We were not pleased with the fact people now can play with the stereo installation to "try out the speakers". It means the sound is constantly turned up and down and it was very annoying!

We did meet a pig who was celebrating our birthday!

After the IKEA we did more shopping and our owner got really cool headphones!

In the evening we went out for dinner.
Gilbert suggested the Korean BBQ restaurant where he had been a while ago. Sullivan hadn't been there yet, so that sounded like a great idea.

We got a delicious beer.

And lots of yummy snacks.

We also had a Wasabi Martini of course!

It was a really fun birthday.

Thanks to everyone who made our birthday a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year and December Catch Up

Happy New Year from both both of us!
We hope you all will have a wonderful year with lots of fun adventures, books, & other cool things.

Here's a catch up on what we were up to in December.

When Lucky the elephant came back from his adventure he brought us a gift from our owner's niece. A Hippo Mug!

We received several really cool presents for Christmas, this box of Moomin tea from L. among them.

And cards!
Thanks to everyone who sent us a Christmas greeting.

We also got a very yummy cheese platter from E & K.

Sullivan got a Fairyloot box for Christmas.

This huge package arrived for all of us & was from Miki.

We opened it on Christmas day and there were lots of yummy treats and presents inside. (Also a package for our birthday which we couldn't open just yet.)

And just look at all these awesome presents!
Schmooples loved the Christmas stocking the most, Sullivan the notebook, and Gilbert was very happy with the heat changing mug. Thanks, Miki!

There were lots of bookish presents for Sullivan as well. These are from Jeffe, but he got even more from Melliane, S., and D.

We got a piggy from Beanie!
This is Borstel (Bristle) and he brings good luck.

On Christmas Day Gilbert got to go out for dinner. There was a really yummy buffet.

Gilbert forgot to take pictures during dinner, but he did get a picture of dessert.

It was a very fun evening and the next day we celebrated Boxing Day at home with more yummy food.

All in all we had a fun Christmas and next a relaxing New Year's Eve. We want to thanks everyone for all the presents, cards, and well wishes! You guys are all wonderful!