Thursday, December 15, 2022

Books, Food, Christmas , and more

We got more books from Sinterklaas and as early Christmas presents!
These we got from Melliane (together with a 3rd that arrived separately).

We went out and I got hot chocolat and apple strudel. 

On an evening walk I spotted a building dressed up as a Christmas ornament.

We made a trip to the garden center for a Christmas tree, and they had beautiful decorations!

Just my size!

I think this is the Snow Queen.

There were lots of Christmas animals

Maybe this is the Dog Queen?

I have so many questions about this vase...

More Christmas cheer!

We found a beautiful tree and decorated it at home.

My owner is very busy with work at the moment as she works extra because of Christmas shoppers, but we managed to squeeze in a lunch at the Sushi Mall with a friend when she was in town.

I ate tons of Edamame.

My owner got a Christmas present that we're not allowed to open before Christmas. I'm very curious! (I think the mailmen were curious too, as they squashed the package a bit.)

We also got signed books!
Thanks, Jeffe and Sarah Pinsker.

Have a great Holiday Season, everyone.