Thursday, April 27, 2017

King's Day Book Haul

We went to the Koningsdag Vrijmarkt this morning and I found some really cool secondhand books.

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Fun-filled Day with Friends

Yesterday we visited my owner's family and I got to hang out with lots of cool animals, including Candy, who I met on a previous visit.

Eva, my owner's niece made me a drawing of me and Voodoo Bride.
How cool!

She also had a beautifully wrapped present for me: a Magic card with a zombie on it.
I got Magic from her brothers as well.

And this was yet another present:
a drawing rolled up as if it was a butterfly.

Another cool drawing of me, with some friends added this time.
I'm being spoiled.

We got to hang out outside as the weather was beautiful.

I got to listen to music.

And when I got thirsty the refreshments were rolled out.

There even was our own gazebo for some much needed shade.

And sunglasses for both me and Voodoo Bride as well!

Candy and one of her friends joined us in the gazebo (that even had speakers that played some nice music for us).

We had a lot of fun hanging out together.

In the evening we played Heroquest

I got to play the Elf.

We named him Sullivan and Eva drew a picture of me on the character sheet.
I didn't have much luck rolling the dice and my elf died.

Finally we had to go home again.
I had a wonderful day!