Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Noodles and Potato Monster

We took a cup of noodles to work today. It had all kinds of extra bags with spices in it and even a collapsible fork!

Tonight when preparing dinner I encountered a potato monster! He looked very creepy and alien, but being a potato he was no threat for me luckily.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Writing a card and Tapioca Ball?

My owner has been busy making packages and writing cards these last few days so I decided to join in the fun and wrote a card myself today. It went in an envelope together with a little something extra and was mailed this afternoon. Now I just have to finish my little somthing for Beanie and get that packed and posted too. Better get a move on.

When we got home from the postoffice I was in the mood for a drink and got one of the weird drinks we bought at the Amazing Oriental Warehouse this saturday.

Pearl Soybean Drink with Tapioca Ball? Hmmm.......

Looks like a normal drink at first sight...
Where is that Tapioca Ball they mention?

Aha! Found them!
Not just one Tapioca Ball, but lots of them!
Very strange: it were little gelatinous balls that floated around at the bottom of the glass. They didn't have much taste, but the drink in all was ok.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Major Garnwerd Picture Spam

We walked to Garnwerd again yesterday. Our route seems to be part of the Saksen Route.

We encountered a very friendly cow, she made no suspicious eating moves in my direction.

On a tree we saw these mushrooms. Autumn is here!

On the field next to the tree there was a blue van. I wonder why it was there.

Beautiful picture of one of the lights in cafe-restaurant Hammingh.

The mill in Garnwerd was still working when we passed it. It doesn't actually have a grinding stone anymore so it's just for show I must tell you.

We paid another short visit to the Church in Oostum. There's this sign next to the church door that I love as it uses a bit archaic language. It says: conjugate/join at number 19
What they mean is that you have to go to house nr 19 to get the key of the church if you want to go inside.

A beautiful old stone with beautiful writing. It says 21 and not 2J in case you were wondering.

Me and my owner.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amazing Oriental Warehouse!

Today my owner was in the mood to cook something foreign and as she decided on an Indonesian dish we paid a visit to the Amazing Oriental Warehouse. It has lots of oriental foods and spices and such and it is the best place in Groningen to go when you need something exotic for your cooking.

It also has a huge amount of canned drinks in all kinds of flavours!

I love these bottles, they're so beautiful!

Some kind of weird fruit.
According to my owner's OH this fruit has a very strong smell so that's probably why they keep it in a fridge.

We ended up buying way more then we actually needed, which always happens when we go there. Here's some of our loot: new bowls, noodles, chopsticks and a strange and very sweet drink called Chubby blueberry

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hidden Flower, Benches and a Sign

They had stolen/borrowed the mouse from our computer at work so we had to sit at another desk today. I went exploring and I found one of the smiling flowers hiding behind the computer screen.

On our way home we took these two pictures as Hammie showed some pictures of simular benches not long ago and I wanted to show Hammie that there's two of these benches on our way home from work!

And lastly a sign for Eve! This one is telling you that dogs aren't allowed to do their stinky business on this field.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Mail!!

Having had a very boring day at work I thought I would have nothing to show you today, but I was wrong!!

when we got home Domo was waiting for us at the computer with a card for me and my owner!!

It turned out to be a card from Hammie and G. Thanks you very much for brightening up my otherwise boring day!! And I and my owner really enjoy blogging with so many fun other bloggers too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drunk? Me? Nah.....

Having had a couple of frustrating days at work me and my owner had a nice glass of Dropshot yesterday (Drop = liquorice). I know what some people will say, but I can tell you: I was not drunk! Just in a very good mood after drinking it ;-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

For those who are curious

We finished the stitching on the gift for Beanie!
No pic here in case Beanie wants it to be a surprise, but for those who want to see what we stitched: Here it is!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Ponies and Other Stuff

We passed the ponies again on our walk to Garnwerd and we stopped to feed them some grass.

They really loved the grass and almost were fighting over it.

Beautiful sky picture!

In Garnwerd we got flemish fries and I got to try Joppie sauce with them! I never had Joppie sauce before, but it was really good: it had onion and curry in it.

On our way home I saw this pair of sunglasses lying on the side of the road. I hope someone just lost them and that nothing bad happened as the cars on this road often are speeding.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Weird Sheep and More Stitching

Today we didn't have to go to work so we went into town for some shopping. I saw this sheep in a shop window and thought she had a weird coat for a sheep. I wonder if Frank, the sheep at our work, is related to this one.

Back home we started on making something for Beanie Mouse.

I helped sorting threads and

I even stitched a bit!
It's coming along quite well I must say. we hope to have it finished soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stitchy Mail

Yesterday my owner forgot to take her phone with her to work so we couldn't take any pictures! Now I could tell you that the most amazing stuff happened, but to be honest: nothing much happened so you didn't miss out on anything.

Today there was a large envelope in the mail for my owner. I stuck around while she opened it, because you never know: someone might have send something to my owner that was meant for me.

But no such luck this time: it was a cross stitch magazine.
Not my cup of tea, but my owner was very happy with it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boring Day!

I had a very boring day today. Just work, work, work....
Things I'm looking forward to the coming months:
Some birthdays
Sint Maarten

But those are all still far away :-(

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've got Mail!

I got a card in the mail today from Beanie Mouse!
See: it's adressed to me and not my owner so it's really mine!

Isn't it the coolest card you've ever seen!
Thanks Beanie I love it!

I managed to convince my owner's OH to put it on the wall immediately, so now it's next to the computer and next to my piggy flashlight which I got from Eve

I instructed my owner to make a mouse-related thank you present thingie and she allready has something in mind, but said I had to help too as I'm the one who got the card.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We went for a walk to Garnwerd again today. On our way we saw a farmer plowing and lots of birds who tried to see if there was something to eat in the plowed earth.

We also encountered some ponies and

this caterpillar who was guarding a bucket with pears.

At Garnwerd we got something to eat as it was dinnertime by the time we got there. My owner got this mushroom and blue cheese quiche.

Lets see what's in the small pan that my owner's OH got. Hmmm, beef... So I decided to stick to:

A nice glass of Madeira.

I love eating at cafe-restaurant Hammingh as it's always very cozy there.

Playing around a bit with my owner's napkin-ring.

A cow pic for Marie

And look at the lovely clouds we saw on our way back home!