Monday, September 18, 2023

Medieval Fair


We went to a Medieval Fair on September 2nd.

We arrived around lunch time, so we first got a nice bowl of stew and something to drink.

Next we walked around. I spotted a stand that sold letters of indulgence, but no one was there, so I couldn't buy one.

This stand had cool wood prints.

The guy making the wood prints showed us how his print thing worked and we got to keep the print he made!

A pottery wheel. Looks messy.

A leather worker

There was lots of fun stuff to see.

After the fair we went to Rolde for dinner. It was a fun afternoon!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Gilbert - Fun & Games


Time for an update!

We went to a flea market last week with a good friend to sell books and other stuff. 

We didn't sell much, but we had a really fun day together!

We met up with the same friend last Wednesday for dinner (no piggies were eaten by my owner)

And a movie!
We heard many different opinions on the Barbie movie, so decided to go see it to draw our own conclusions.

I can tell you we had a terrific time!
If you're on the fence: go see it, it is tons of fun in my opinion! 

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. We played games (this is Potion Explosion)

And there was yummy food and excellent drinks. We had a great time.

Today when grocery shopping I saw these dinosaur candies! They are really good.

I'll try to take more pictures of the things we do.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

A Trip to the Menkemaborg


I've been busy with lots of stuff these last months, but didn't take a lot of pictures.
Yesterday we went on a cool trip though!

We went to the Menkemaborg!
I've been here before in 2019, but it's a cool place to visit!

We didn't buy a ticket to see the interior of the estate, but we did buy a ticket to visit the gardens.

The gardens are really beautiful I think.

A view on the moat-like-canal-thing that's all around the gardens.

Playing with mirrors. Can you spot my owner and her OtherHalf?

Not sure if this is meant to be a Goddess or if it's a random lady/

The maze!
Last time we tried it, we got a bit lost and we were thwarted by random scaffolding.

Let's try again.

It was more difficult than I thought. I think we managed to take every wrong turn there was.

But finally we reached the tree in the center of the maze!

Finding our way out again was another challenge, but we succeeded!

What a cool maze!

We got something to eat at the coach house.
My owner had evil soup, so I tasted the leek soup my owner's OtherHalf got instead.

We also had bread with butter.

And special bread with garlic butter and other yummy things.

Next we visited Noorpolderzijl.
Another place we love to visit.

Try at a panorama shot.

All in all it was a really fun trip!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Gilbert - A Trip to the Museum


At the end of April we got tickets to visit the Versace Exhibit at the Groninger Museum. We invited a friend to join us.

When we arrived at the museum we saw there was another exhibit as well: art from album covers made by studio Hipgnosis. We decided to check that out first.

There were some really cool pictures, like this lobster going for a walk.

A sheep lounging by the sea.

Oh! I recognize this!

There were several photos of the famous Pink Floyd pig! So cool to see.

Next it was time for Versace.

I'm probably an uncultured piggy, because this is not to my tastes.

I liked some of the punk and alternative inspired outfits.

But it was fun to look around and criticize the clothes on display.

View on the canal.

Seeing all these mannequins from behind was a bit surreal. 

We also had a quick look at the permanent exhibit.

A flying robot.

Not sure what this is,

And I saw The standard-bearer by Rembrandt which was temporarily on display.

It was beautiful weather, so we went to the Gold Office where had drinks and nachos outside, enjoying the sun.

Later we went to friends for dinner and games. It was a really fun day!