Sunday, December 5, 2021

An Update from Gilbert


I haven't blogged in a while so it is time for an update.

Last month I went out for dinner to the Korean restaurant.

I got to eat squid!

And I had a Wasabi Martini of course!

I've been accompanying my owner to work. On our way home we often pass this cool building with a big chimney with lights on it.

There's also an awesome mural at the building.

We received an early Sinterklaas/Christmas present last week.

And Sinterklaas left marzipan piggies in our shoe a couple of days ago.

He also brought us book-shaped presents!

Oh, I saw the movie Dune not long ago. I wonder if I'll like the book better than the movie. Sullivan says I need to see the old movie, which is awesome in his opinion, but first we'll read the book together.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

What's Gilbert been up to lately?


Last Monday we went out for dinner with a friend of our owner. We went to La Cubanita, a tapas restaurant.

We had lots of yummy food, including this small pizza with pear and blue cheese.

I got to try a Cherry cocktail.

We also had nachos and corn.

And goat cheese.

After my Cherry cocktail I got a Strawberry Mojito.

All in all it was a really fun evening with lots of yummy things. I would't mind doing it again sometime.

This weekend we had lots of strawberries.

Which we used to make strawberry jam! Delicious.

We also went for a walk into town on Saturday.

The New Church!

It was a lovely day for a walk.

Today we took a walk to Garnwerd. We wanted to get a bite to eat there, but they only had snacks. Luckily we had food at home, so after a long and fun walk we made cauliflower soup. 

I hope we do more fun stuff soon.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Gilbert - Lots of cool Art


On Saturday we went to the opening of an expo!
It was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of GR'NN, a collective of illustrators and other artists.

Our owner's Other Half had work at the expo as well. The colorful painting with the cat in this picture is one of his works.

There was a small altar dedicated to the hedgehog!

There was lots of other cool art as well.

Another work by our owner's Other Half!

And he even made a spaceship for the expo!

Just my size as well.

There were suitcases with art in them as well.

This one looked a bit scary...

I really liked the food themed suitcase.

It was a really cool and beautiful expo.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Gilbert - Building a Shaun


Remember I got a DIY Shaun the Sheep kit?

Last week I got to build my own Shaun with help from my owner.
Here are al the parts.

First we gave the egg shaped body arms, legs, and a neck.

Then the arms and legs were covered with silk clay and brought into shape.

We made the woolly coat by knotting the wool that was in the kit and then glued it to the body with the special gluey stuff that was in the kit.

We then made the head with more silk clay and wool. There were googly eyes in the kit as well. 

Once the head was attached to the body Shaun had to lean on his arms for a bit longer while the glue to keep his tail attached was drying.

Next we had to fix some dents in his head.

Done! He had to lean a bit longer while everything was drying.

My owner's Other Half got us a special display to keep Shaun safe. It was a lot of fun to make my very own Shaun the Sheep.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sullivan's Lost Adventure in Bourtange - part 3


A lot of visitors went after the soldiers to see what would happen next.

Time to go after them as well.

We found a spot with a view on the soldiers, but they were a bit far away.

It was difficult to see what was happening exactly, but there was lots of cannon and gun fire going on. The smoke was impressive.

But I can't tell you who won...

After that confusing battle we all went back to the settlement. The soldiers took a break and put their guns away.

Yum yum!

After having a snack we visited the windmill.

The miller told us all kinds of interesting stuff about the windmill, but I didn't take any pictures of the windmill up close. It did look impressive with that dark sky though.

Next we saw that the guys with the boat were in trouble again.

They peddled away fast while other soldiers kept firing at each other.

Why are they stopping? Keep rowing!

It turned out they wanted a save spot from which they could return fire.

It was getting late and both soldiers and visitors were calling it a day.

Reenactment people relaxing after a long day.

I got a postcard that shows Bourtange from above, so you can see the shape of the settlement.

It was a really cool outing. I'm glad I was able to share it with you, even though I'm a few years late.