Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday evening we visited a friend who invited us for something called 'hotpotting'. First there were some preparations to make and I helped with baking garlic.

This is the Hotpot. It was filled with two different kinds of broth. The pan is placed on a burner that makes the broth boil.

There were all kinds of yummie food things we could put in the boiling broth to cook and when it was done we could fish it out to eat it.

Spinach and mushroom!

After the hotpotting we watched some Standup Comedy.

And we played a pirate roleplaying game.
It was a fun evening.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow again!

It had been snowing again yesterday and tonight so when we went into town today there was lots of snow again!!

It was a sunny day so the sun and the shadows on the snow made it even more beautiful.

And yet another picture of the New Church, now with snow!

On the side of a building we spotted these paintings. I wonder what that lady is going to do with that bucket.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A slow week

Not much happened this week that I could tell you about, but today we finally did something besides working and reading. We went into town after work and looked for movies! Unfortunately we couldn't find anything to our taste,so tonight we'll be watching one of the movies we already own.
Tomorrow's plans sound promising: we're going to do something called 'Hotpotting'.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been playing poker again this monday!
It was very exciting and I won a lot at first, then I started to lose, but in the end I won back a lot of my chips again and more! It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today we went into town and I looked at some clothes, but they were all too big and not my style!

In other news:
There's a new review on my other blog

Friday, January 22, 2010

Melting Snow and Candy

My owner and me walked to work today and I must say it is a sad sight to see how the last of the snow is slowly melting and turning into dirty slush.

And look what I found!
Someone left his woolen cap on this pole.

At work I had a busy time as there was lots to do, but I did find some time to sneak some candy from this bowl.

And they also had peppermints!! Yum...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toys and more Mail

A few days ago we visited a toy store to buy a present for my owner's nephew. There was a very large playmobile doll standing next to the door!

Inside they had lots and lots of cool toys, like pirates and knights. We bought some of both.

Today there was more birthday mail! Eve had send us two really cool birthdaycards.

Don't you just love this one?
It's a Mark Ryden card. I think he makes the most beautiful artwork.

Thank you Eve for sending us even more cool mail! We love it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Card and lots of Candy

There was another card for me in the mail today!
It was a blogoversary card from Eve and she also send me a really cool pig-button.
Thank you Eve! They're beautiful.

And what's this?!
A package that we began to fear got lost, wasn't lost afterall and arrived today!

It was the Christmas presents that Marie and my cousin Moira send to us. It took almost a month and a half to get here and was filled with yummy things and there was even a voodoo doll in there. She will feel right at home here with all the other voodoo dolls I'm sure.

When Schmorg smelled the chocolate he came running over and I had to fend him off.

But as soon as I turned my back he ran off with some of the chocolate.

And Angus also came to see what was in the package and ran off with the coffee!

So I decided to find a way to defend the rest of the goodies...

And I build a fort!

Hmmm.... Is that new voodoo doll trying to help me or trying to break down the fort?

But in the end the Friendship Survival Kit reminded us that being friends is about sharing and we stopped our fighting over the candy.

And we had a fun time playing with the candy together.

Marie and Moira: Thank you for the great package!
We love it and we're glad to have you as a friend and in the case of Moira as family.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A card and a game

Today there was a late birthday card for us!
It was a stitched Shaun made by my owner's friend Jan! Thanks, we love it!

And when we went into town this afternoon, my owner bought me a belated birthday present:
Pig Panic, a very fun cardgame about pigs!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Birthday! (and a winner)

It was my birthday yesterday!!

Time to celebrate!
My owner's OH decorated the room with all these colourful balloons!

And I got to open my birthday mail!

I got this really cool pig card from Hammie and G.
(Big is the dutch word for piglet, so it does not only say Big Party, but also Piglet Party!)
Thanks Hammie and G. I love the card and my owner loves her hippo card too!!

and look what Beanie send me: a really cool fridge magnet with a painting of me on it and a beautiful card!
Beanie: thanks, it's wonderful!

Here I am with all the cards my owner got and my cards.
In the evening we got visitors and we played games and had lots of fun!

Chocolate Birthday Muffins!
They were really yummy.

Well, my owner and me had so much fun at our birthday that we forgot to take more pictures, so now on to other things:

The winner of my blogoversary giveaway!
I had 5 entries so I put everyone's name on a list twice, numbering them from 1 to 10 and took out my 10-sided dice to pick a winner.

And it landed on 5!
So according to the list I made that means that Queen of Clearance won the McPig keyring!
Congrats Queen! We already got your addy, so we'll be posting the keyring to you soon.

To all of you: Thanks for entering and telling me your pig stories! I really enjoyed reading them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Yesterday was the birthday of my owner's best friend and to celebrate her birthday she took us to the movies!

This is the movie we went to see: Sherlock Holmes!
It was a cool movie, with lots of action. I especially liked the Watson character I must say.

Well, I'm off now to celebrate my birthday. See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost my birthday and mail

Tomorrow it's the birthday of me and my owner, so we brought something yummy to eat for everyone at work today to celebrate. I got a pastry with pecans.

And look! There was some good news for pigs in the paper today. A large supermarket chain is going to only sell pork that is from pigs that lived a good life from now on so that means lots of pigs are getting a better treatment from now on.

When we got home there was mail for me and my owner that is for our birthday. I think it's from Hammie, but we'll know for sure tomorrow.

And what's this?
Mail for me and Coco? That means it isn't for my birthday and can be opened now!

It was a beautiful card from Beanie!
Thanks Beanie, we love it!

Angus made a paper hat out of the envelope!

This is fun!

Tonight we'll be going to the movies and than tomorrow it's my birthday!! I'll tell you all about it soon.