Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009

And suddenly it's the last day of 2009!
At work we got an 'oliebol' with powdered sugar to celebrate New Year's Eve. Oliebol means oilball, as it's made from a special kind of dough that's baked in hot oil to create the 'oliebol'. In the Netherlands it's tradional food for New Year's Eve.

I want to take the time on this last day of the year to thank everyone who's been kind enough to follow my life and travels. In less then two weeks I will have my one year blogoversary, so I will go into thanking everyone a bit deeper at that time.

For now: Enjoy New Year's Eve, everyone! I wish you a great and wonderful 2010!
I'll see you all next year ;-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crunchy Drink and Lots of Chocolate

My owner and I had to work today and my owner brought something to drink, but I didn't dare drink it....
I mean: Crunch, crunch strawberry?! That can't be good, can it?

My owner got a belated Christmas package from her boss at the catering service and when we brought it home Schmorg went into a frenzy as it was all chocolate!!

These are my owner's favourites: Belgian chocolate in the shape of seashells.
She promised me I could try some, so I can taste if it is as good as she says it is.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A package and a Book

Today there was a package for my owner that was send to her by a good friend.
It was supposed to be for Christmas, but because of all the snow last week, all mail was a bit later, but getting packages is always fun! Me and Schmorg helped unpack it as Schmorg thought it might be chocolate and I was just curious.

There were two presents inside that were for my owner and her OH and one present that was just for my owner.

It turned out to be cookies and a really cool hippo pen!
Schmorg was a bit disappointed it wasn't chocolate, but I think the cookies look yummie. I hope my owner and her OH will share with us.

This afternoon my owner and me went into town and it was really crowded in all the stores.
My owner bought this book: 'Writing a Bestseller for Dummies', as she's busy writing on a story again at the moment. I must say I read a bit of the story and there's no pigs or zombies in it, so she can definately use this book to improve her story, because what book about writing bestsellers wouldn't give the advice to put pigs and zombies into every story you write.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Gingerbread House

Hammie's problems with a gingerbread house yesterday reminded me that my owner had gotten me a kit to make a gingerbread house too.

So me and my owner got to work today to make the house.
Everything we needed was in the box.

first we laid out all the pieces on a piece of aluminiumfoil.

Then we mixed the sugar into a paste to use as frosting and glue.

We put it in a plastic bag and cut a hole in the bag so we could use it to draw decorations on the gingerbread pieces.

Then we had to wait awhile for it to dry a bit.

We put the house together using more of the frosting as glue.

Here's the finished house, I really like how it turned out.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is here!

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, but my owner had to work all day. Luckily everyone was in a festive mood and there was lots of things to eat like this popcorn.

After work we finally could start on celebrating Christmas and that meant we could unpack Beanie's present!!

I wonder what it could be.

A green bag! I love green.
It says Holland Casino, could it be pokerchips?

It turned out to be much better! It were lots of really beautiful coins, a pretty button and a scarab (again in my favourite colour) and a fridge magnet of the Isle of Wight.
Thank you Beanie, I love my present!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you all have a great time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walking to Work and a Package

This morning we discovered that there had been water leaking on my owner's bike. As it had frozen again after that, her bike was covered in a layer of ice, including the lock, so that meant we had to walk to work today.

It was a beautiful walk with all the snow so I didn't mind.

At work I saw this picture in the newspaper. I'm not the only animal braving the snow and cold.

When we got home there was a Christmas/Early Birthday package for my owner from Eve.
Look at all the cool stuff she send!!
Eve: you really spoilt my owner! It is a great package.

Eve did send some things that were for me, like this really cool book about a naughty pig. I hope she doesn't mean to imply I'm naughty though.

There were also some new housemates in the package.
This is Scarem the Bat.

And meet Wilbur the Pig.

And lastly:
Schmorg the Chocolate Monster.
I think my owner will have to race Schmorg to the chocolate from now on.

And finishing this post with a pic of me and my owner, who's wearing the beautiful pig mask that was also in the package.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Trip to the Ecodrome - part 2

After all the scary animals we encountered some non scary animals: Chickens

Did I just say chickens aren't scary? Maybe I should rethink that comment.

Next we visited an expo about Darwin and there I saw these insect beasties.

Hmmmmm..... no comment.

These scary heads were set up like this to compare the skulls from Java men, Neanthertals, humans and two others that I forgot, one of them was named Lucy I think.

They also had lots of spiders at the Ecodrome.

After seeing the spiders we got something to eat and look what I found on top of my fries!

A pretty purple spider!
I wonder if he followed us all the way from the spider expo room.

After we had eaten we went to the jungle room where there were crocodiles! Here is one of them, he's called Hap.

There also should be an second crocodile named Snap, but all I saw were big fish.

But when we went upstairs I found Snap, he was lying in the sun.

Here I am posing together with my owner.

Outside again I spotted these pinecones. Doesn't it look beautiful with all the snow?

One last look at the Ecodrome and it was time to go as we also had a visit to my owner's mother planned.

When we got there we were just in time to take this picture of the sky before the sun was gone. I didn't even have time to get in the picture too.

After spending some time with my owner's mother we traveled back to Groningen. We were lucky the trains were still going as it was going to snow again. The trip did take longer as usual because of the snow, but we made it home in one piece!