Wednesday, December 30, 2020

We opened our presents!

On Christmas we opened the wrapped presents Miki sent us.

There was a really cool stationary set from Game of Thrones.

It even had a stamp and wax to make wax seals.

There was a dino as well!

This Pillowtops the Triceratops.

And last but certainly not least a beautiful purple ornament Miki made especially for us.

She once again spoiled us.
Thanks, Miki!


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Early Christmas Fun


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we've received many cool Christmas cards. The Piggy card was of course addressed to us and not our owner.

There was also a special Christmas goodie box.

We had to investigate what was inside.

Crouching Piggy, Hidden Kitty

We always like the filling they use in these boxes, so fun to play in.

The amazing Sullivan and his gravity defying stunts.

Shaun finally arrived!
He was supposed to get here in June, but because of logistic problems (because of you-know-what) he was super delayed. Luckily he made it in time for Christmas.

And we got a mega box of sweets, cookies, cider, presents, and more from Miki! We have to wait with opening the presents until Christmas, but we're already nomming on all the tasty treats.
Thanks Miki!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Gilbert - Christmas is Coming


Sinterklaas was last weekend, but due to lots of stuff we kept it very small this year. Sinterklaas did bring some unexpected presents though, so that was really cool! 

On Monday we went hunting for a Christmas tree. So off to Tuinland!

They always have cool displays, although this year it was less than normal. I still managed to meet some fun animals.

This reindeer was very mellow.

Someone was fishing with polar bears close by. That's bravely stupid imo.

But luckily the mother bear was just relaxing and enjoying the fake snow.

We had to use a shopping cart so we could keep a distance from other shoppers. It had a seat for me.

I'm not sure what this display has to do with Christmas... Maybe they are trying to dress up as the three kings?

A Hippo!

The hippo posed with me for a picture.

There were lots of cool Christmas ornaments.

Lots of penguins as well.

A colorful bird in a hoop.

There was a magical forest with a mysterious path.

And a fairy tree!

These bears were busy making gingerbread houses.

I wonder if that bear knows he will need a bath now. I myself don't like getting dirty, because I'm not fond of baths.

An army of nutcrackers!

Facehug anyone?

We found the perfect tree and decorated it once we got home!
It was a fun outing.

The next day I spotted this snow globe at the shopping center.

And Mister Blue got a Christmas hat!
We're ready for Christmas.

Happy Holiday Season everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2020