Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - Part 4

Before going to dinner we visited the lake again, in the hope of maybe trying the Zombi cocktail.

But there were no cocktails that day!
We did see divers in the lake.

And I had a nice glass of Sprite.

We enjoyed the sun and did some reading.

We had dinner at a Wok restaurant. I got shrimp, and octopus, and lots of other yummy things.

And a glass of plum wine!

It was a fun and yummy dinner.

Monday was the last day of our visit, but before we got a lift to a station where we could catch a train back home, we visited a street fair. We had to cross this really steep bridge to get there.

There were lots of stands where people were selling home made stuff.

Cool garden birds.



Metal bugs and spiders.

A funky chicken.
And lots more.

We had fun looking at everything at the fair, but then it was time to go.

We had a really fun weekend filled with friends, books, and fun. I hope we will do this again some time.