Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gilbert - Yum Yum!


Yesterday we had dinner a our favorite restaurant!
I got a very yummy soup with tofu.

And a Wasabini of course!

Yum Yum!

There was lots of yummy food, and evil food as well. And more yummy drinks!

We had a great time!

After dinner we walked home.
The Martini Tower looked beautiful in the fading light.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gilbert - A Fun Vacation: Fun & Yum Yum!


After we walked around the Notoarestoen we sat down for tea and cake.

I had carrot cake and it was yummy!

Next we did some more sightseeing in Eenrum.

We visited the candle maker.

They had fun candles and statues.

Next to the candle maker there was a mill.

And a mustard factory.

It was Abraham's Mustard Factory, which makes Groninger mustard, the best kind of mustard according to my owner.

There was a small museum where you could see how mustard used to be made and how they make it today.

I think this is a lab where they try different recipes for mustard.

I wonder if they want you to drink a sixpack of mustard or beer...

We bought mustard at the end of our visit and then we drove to Groningen for a late lunch.

At the Sushi Mall.

I got yummy tomato soup.

And all kinds of sushi.

And soybeans.

It was all very yummy and we had fun!

Then Diana drove us home and our fun vacation was over. We had a really great time, and I hope we'll visit Diana again in the future.

Diana gave me a piggy candle as a souvenir.

Isn't he fun!?
Thanks, Diana!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Gilbert - A Fun Vacation: Notoarestoen

On Sunday we packed our bag and drove back to Groningen, but before going back home we went on a last outing.

first we visited the Notoarestoen (garden of the notary) in Eenrum, a small town in Groningen.

The Notoarestoen is an arboretum started by notary Smit in 1968. There are many trees and plants, but most of all a lot of rhododendrons.

Lots of the rhododendrons were in bloom. 

As well as some of the other trees.

And flowers.

The arboretum was next to a farmer's field.

The rhododendrons were beautiful.

An old birdhouse.

Hmm... what's in here?

I saw this sad statue and tried to cheer him up.

It was very beautiful in the Notoarestoen.

Next: lots of yummy food!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Gilbert - A Fun Vacation: Relaxing


On Friday it was sunny and warm.
We decided to take advantage of the sun and sat outside in the garden with a book.

I lounged among the flowers as Sullivan taught me that lounging among flowers is what McPigs do.

In the afternoon we went shopping and then we went to the restaurant at the lake.

For cocktails!
I got a Flamingo cocktail and it was delicious!

I spotted this cool car at the parking lot.

It was a fun day!

On Saturday the weather wasn't nice, so we stayed inside and had a nice lazy day, filled with more reading, drinks, and cheese!

Luckily the weather promised to be nice for Sunday, because we had a last outing planned before going home again.

Coming next: lots of blossoms