Sunday, August 6, 2023

Gilbert - Fun & Games


Time for an update!

We went to a flea market last week with a good friend to sell books and other stuff. 

We didn't sell much, but we had a really fun day together!

We met up with the same friend last Wednesday for dinner (no piggies were eaten by my owner)

And a movie!
We heard many different opinions on the Barbie movie, so decided to go see it to draw our own conclusions.

I can tell you we had a terrific time!
If you're on the fence: go see it, it is tons of fun in my opinion! 

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. We played games (this is Potion Explosion)

And there was yummy food and excellent drinks. We had a great time.

Today when grocery shopping I saw these dinosaur candies! They are really good.

I'll try to take more pictures of the things we do.