Thursday, June 22, 2017


I discovered FairyLoot a while ago.

FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box that focuses on Young Adult fantasy literature. In every single one of their monthly boxes, you will receive a brand new Young Adult fantasy novel, 5-6 exclusive bookish goodies related to the theme of the box and other items sourced directly from the author.

The fun is that you only find out what's in the box when you receive it.

I thought that sounded so cool I had to give it a try. First I tried to sign up to their Myth and Monsters themed box, but I was too late.

Then I saw the announcement of the June box with the theme Elementals. I had a pretty good idea what the book in that box would be, so I signed up right away.
(I will confess that I asked the author if I was right about my hunch when I met her in Berlin, and she told me I was!)

Yesterday the box arrived!

Oh, purple packaging.

I dove in to find my goodies!

And look at all the awesomeness!

Finally I can start on Roar!
There was a signed bookplate in the box as well.

A closer look at the smaller goodies.
I totally love the potion sticky notes!

And lastly an artistic candle picture.

I think this FairyLoot box is really cool!
You can bet I'll be ordering the box again when there's a theme I like.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food and Dinosaurs

Last week we went out for dinner.
I got a whole plate full of yummy snacks.

And dessert!

Remember the new dinosaur?

We put it together and it's added to my collection of wooden dinosaurs.
Aren't they cool!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

More Movie Stuff

They also had another Metropolis robot at Babelsberg Filmpark.
This one had flashing lights and everything. So cool!

They also had costumes from movies on display, like these Egyptian headpieces.

This is a dress Marlene Dietrich wore in one of her movies.

Some scary devil.

This display showed how they made a dinosaur monster move and how they filmed the scene.

A temple or palace of some sort.

It was a replica from some movie I never heard of.

Sultan Sullivan.

They also had a graveyard with a vampire in one of the coffins!

I wonder what's inside this tomb...


I tried to get my fortune read by this fortune teller, but she mumbled something and didn't give me a card with my fortune.

There was a small Medieval town that had a cannon.

And a headsman who was executing someone.

A monster fountain.

This is the wagon of Löwenzahn, a German TV series.

A Wild West town.

It was really fun at Filmpark Babelsberg, but after a few hours we were getting tired and decided to go back to the hotel.

Let's see.
Which bus should we take to get back to the station.

I spotted a pig advert at the bus stop.

Back at the hotel we rested and read for a while.

Then we went out for dinner again.
It was very yummy!

As this was out last evening I got a Swimmingpool Cocktail.

What a fun trip.

The next day we took the train to Hannover, where we had to catch another train to Leer. Our train left Berlin 20 minutes too late, but arrived in time to catch the next train.

In Leer we took a bus to Groningen. There wasn't much room for luggage, but luckily we could put our suitcase in front of a chair.

At the end of the afternoon we were home.

I had a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Movie Time!

On our last full day in Berlin we wanted to visit Filmpark Babelsberg, so we took an S-train to Babelsberg station.

This building is the City Hall for Babelsberg I think.

I noticed a sign that pointed the way to Babelsberg Park.

It was a walk of about 1 kilometer the sign said.
It felt a lot longer...

A river!

Wait a minute...
This is a normal park, not a Filmpark!

At least it was pretty there.
But we wanted to go to the Filmpark, so we had to walk all the way back to the station and there we took a bus so we wouldn't get lost again.

I know that movie! We must be at the right place.

There was a long lane with all kinds of statues that had to do with movies.

I think this duck is from a children's TV show.

Not sure if I recognize this dude...

King Kong!

This is 'Das Sandmännchen' (the little sandman). He's from a German TV show for children.

The robot from Metropolis!!
I love Metropolis, it's a really cool Science Fiction movie from 1927.

This is the Luck Dragon from The NeverEnding Story III

A Metropolis film poster.

There were lots of cool displays, like this critter that's also from The NeverEnding Story III if I'm not mistaken.

There were also sketches and artwork.
I really liked this one.

I got to fly on the Luck Dragon's nose!

More cool critters.

This lady was busy making plaster casts for movie props.

A cool mask.

Look out Orc beastie! Indiana Jones is behind you!

Something is behind me as well?

Coming next: More props and monsters.