Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday it was Games night again and we played Agricola. It's a game where you are a farmer and you can build pastures to keep farm animals in. Among the animals you can get there are also pigs! I tried to get as many pigs at my farm as I could and I got 7!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Aardrijkskunde, Sheep and more..

Yesterday I went for a walk with my owner and her OH.

At the point where we started our walk we saw this sign. It says 'Geography', but why it was there we do not know. It pointed in the direction that we were heading, but we never saw anything related to this sign at all. Weird....

It was a hot day and the sheep in the meadows were all being lazy. it must have been hot for them with all that wool.

A picture of me and my owner

There was one meadow with sheep that were really scary looking. They look a bit like bulldogs and I think this may be genetically altered sheep like in the movie 'Black Sheep'. I do hope they never escape to eat us all!

This is as close as I'm getting to the bulldog sheep.

I got a nice cool glass of ice tea at our halfway point so I could face the long walk back.

A picture of the mill in Garnwerd.

We paid a visit to a small shop in Garnwerd that sold all kinds of ornaments for in your garden or home.

I had a talk with this pig who lived at the shop. I love his hammock, maybe I can convince my owner to get me one too.

And lastly a picture to tease Demented Wench ;-)
Really, just find a field full of flowers and try it yourself, it's so relaxing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More news from Canada

Today part two of Moira's update about her life in Canada!

Hi Sullivan and all. I had my first couple of parties here!

Here I am beside Princess's first birthday cake - she gets two birthday parties the lucky little girl! One for family back home, and one for friends where we live. Princess picked out this pretty purple icing, and I must say, I approve! But this very unassuming cake hides a secret inside... You'll see what that is further on in this post.

We made cupcakes for the birthday as well as there was LOTS of family to feed! Princess picked out the green icing as well.

Leftover pieces of cake! Look how pretty they are! A rainbow hides inside just waiting to come out. Sorry there are no pictures of me eating cake....I ummm made a bit of a "pig" of myself and didn't want to show the pictures! How embarrassing!

On our way home from the family birthday party we came across these beautiful horses and their foals.

Princess's second birthday party - a 3-tier of cupcakes!! Yummy!

Here is Princess blowing out the candles.

Some of the decorations at Princess's Tinkerbell birthday party - Toadstools!
And now you know the reason for my pretty ribbons: I dressed up for Princess's birthday.

Me and Tinkerbell are close ;)

Yikes! The ribbon and I had a bit of a disagreement, but I am happy to report I did get away!

That's it for now.
I'm having a lot of fun here and I will keep you posted about my adventures.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flowery Greetings from Canada!

Today another post by Moira

Hi Sullivan and everybody else! Here's another update on how my life is here in Canada.
Here you can see me climbing a tree to check out the blossoms. I love spring!
Below you can see more pictures of Marie's garden. The first 3 pictures are taken a bit before the others.

After the snow melted this odd fellow showed up in the flowers....I found out his name is Ogo Pogo, and we became fast friends!

These tulips may just be my favorite flowers in the garden...so pretty and delicate - like me! ;)

I picked a flower for you Sullivan!

The flowers have been growing very well under my careful guidance and attention. I have found that I love to garden!

More flowery goodness.

Hmmmm another strange creature showed up...but he is friendly too and provides me with shade whenever I stop for a rest and a visit.

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon with another update in which will also be explained why I'm wearing such pretty ribbons in some of these pictures!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alcide, Presents and Moira

The little hippo who turned up at our house yesterday lost his shyness when confronted with all the other hippos here and he turns out to be named Alcide. He was sold into slavery (at a secondhand store) by his last owner and was found and brought here by a friend of my owner's OH who knew that this home is a sort of hippo sanctuary.

Today my owner got a nice surprise in the mail: presents!
There was a bag of candy that was for my owner's OH, but I got to taste the candy too, it was yummy!

My owner herself got this Cross stitch kit of a hippo.
I secretly think it's a very beautiful kit, but I'm not telling her because I'm afraid that might mean I'll have to wait for my surfing pig even longer.

And now a sneak peak of things to come:

I got an update from cousin Moira about how she's doing in Canada, so I'll be making a post with her pictures and stories soon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Weather, Wild Pig and a Little Hippo

It was beautiful weather today, but we had to work! Luckily it was still warm and sunny when we finished working.

After work we went to the store to get groceries for dinner and they had Wild Pig again.
So tempting........

At home there suddenly was a new addition to our household: this little hippo. He is very shy so we haven't found out his name yet or where he came from. Maybe my owner's OH knows more, so we'll ask him when he gets home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Work and Strawberries

Today I helped out at the cateringservice again. Here I'm trying to get hold of some cleaning paper, but it is a huge roll of paper as you can see so it was difficult.

After work I got these strawberries as a reward for all my hard work.
They were delicious!

Monday, June 22, 2009


My owner got a new Cross stitch magazine last week and in it was this really cool pattern of a pig on a surfboard! She promised to try and find time to stitch it for me sometime, but first she has some other things she wants to stitch.

And I discovered another pig today! This fellow was in the corner of a drawing on a paper about academic schooling for graphic novelists and cartoonists. I wonder how I would look in a tie.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I made another blog!

After my previous posts about books I decided to start a second blog devoted to books and movies! So go to Pearls Cast Before A McPig to check it out!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snail or Slug and a Giant Voodoo Doll!

There was a snail on our balcony today allthough it wasn't even raining.

Here's a close up of the snail.
It's a snail right? Or is it a slug? It's another one of those things that I always get confused. Here we call all snail-like critters 'slak'. We just put something in front of the word slak to make sure everyone knows what kind of 'slak' we're talking about: Huisjesslak (the kind like in the picture, means house snail/slug as it has it's house on it's back), naaktslak (naked slug/snail, the kind without a shell), waterslak (water snail/slug, the kind that you find in the water). Anyway: this is my favourite kind of 'slak'. I think they're very beautiful.

On to the really cool news of today:

When we were in town to get our shopping done we saw this giant voodoo doll!
It was in the shopwindow of the bookstore, because it's the month of the suspense books this month. All month they have a showcase on thrillers and other suspense books and you can get a discount on lots of them too. In the background you can see the book my owner's OH got for free yesterday too: you get it for free everytime you buy a book this month it turns out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Books

Nope: not a list of books featuring pigs, but two books my owner's OH recieved today.
He ordered the one on the right: Wet Moon volume 4 by Ross Campbell and he got a free book send along with it! Not sure what the free book is about, but I like the picture on the cover.

And the back cover of Wet Moon.
I think Ross Campbell is an amazing artist. He also made a book about zombies: The Abandoned, but unfortunately that book is out of print otherwise I'd get it right away.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zombie books

I know I've skipped a few days lately, but what's a pig to do when his owner is doing boring stuff...

So that's why I decided to list some books for you today that have walking dead in them!

First offcourse: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame - Smith.
This book is basically the original story and text but with zombies and lots of fighting those zombies added to it. If you love the original story but have always thought that it lacked some zombies, this book is a must! I myself hope Grahame - Smith will zombiefy lots of other books too. If on the other hand you love the original story of Jane Austen and think it can't be perfected in any way as it already is perfect, steer clear of this book, you will not like it.

Next: I luv Halloween volume 2 by Keith Giffen and Benjamin Roman
this is a comic/manga that is beautifully drawn I think and it features lots of zombies and other undead creatures. It's about a town where for some reason there are lots of zombies and only a few normal living people. (Why this is so is probably explained in volume 1 but as I do not have it I can't tell you.) Coolest thing about this comic: there's a zombie kid who is dressed in a pig costume!
There's lots of violence and bloodshed in this comic so it might not be for everyone.

And last: Death: at Death's door by Jill Thompson.
Anyone familiar with Sandman will have seen Jill Thompson's work before as she has drawn a few Sandman stories. This comic is based on the Sandman story 'Season of Mists' and tells how Death with the help of Delirium and Despair tries to handle the fact that the dead are coming back from hell after Lucifer has closed it and handed the key to Dream. It's a really funny story and fans of Death should really try to get hold of this one. (Eve: If you haven't got this one allready, go get it, Delirium is brilliant!)

That's it for now. If myowner keeps doing boring stuff I might post a list of stories featuring pigs next.