Sunday, October 23, 2022

More Games


We had a busy week playing games

On Tuesday we played Meadow.
We tried it earlier this month at Asmodee, but it turned out they explained it wrong to us that time. 

With the right rules the game was even more fun than we already thought.

I also got a baked Meeple to snack on while playing.

Next we played The Isle of Cats, which is my favorite game at the moment.

It was a really fun evening.

On Thursday we played Party & Co.
It's a really silly, but fun party game, we laughed a lot.

And we got a very very early birthday present.
Friends got it for us at a game fair and they were afraid we'd buy it ourselves if we would see it before our birthday.

Barpig?! I confess: we might indeed buy something called Barpig if we saw it.

In the bag there was a game, a piggy, a bottle opener, a die and swag!
We haven't  played the game yet, but it sounds like a really fun and silly party game. We will try to get enough people together to play it soon. 

Yesterday we played Flamecraft.
It's a game where you have to manage dragons, put them to work in shops, and build you reputation as a dragon handler.

The artwork of this game is so beautiful!

I lost to Sullivan, but we had lots of fun playing.

In a few weeks there will be more gaming adventures!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Lots of Games and More


With all the new games we played recently we decided to look at some of the games in our games cupboard that we hadn't played in a long time and try them again.

The first one we tried was Pig Panic.
It's a game where you have to get rid of your cards by doing math. Not only are the cards cool because of the piggies on them, it's a fun game as well.

Next we tried Piggy Poker.
This one turned out to be kind of Meh. And some of the pigs on the cards were evil! I didn't take a picture of those, but one of them was eating a sausage!

We received Beanie mail!
We won in Beanie's Bus Bingo,which we didn't even know as our owner hadn't been checking our numbers! Hopefully she will catch up soon now that we have new cards.
Thanks, Beanie!

On September 24th it was time for Noorderspel.
This is why we played so many new games: so my owner could explain them to people who would be demonstrating them here at Noorderspel, a really fun games fair. 
My owner was supposed to be selling games all day, but at the last moment she was asked to help demonstrate games in the afternoon.)

There were lots of games and people. It was fun to look around the fair.

I spotted a fun sign!

This game looked interesting, but we didn't have time to try it out.

Oh, I know this game! 
It's called SOS Dino, and you have to save dinosaurs from a scary volcano island. My owner explained it to a couple of people, but mostly she spent the afternoon explaining the game Poetry for Neanderthals, which is a fun party game.

We also bought a Funko Pop!
My owner used to have this My Little Pony as a kid, but gave it away when she was 14. She bought this Funko Pop out of nostalgia.

After the fair we went out for dinner with other people who were at the fair. We got Chinese food, which was very yummy.

Some more pictures of the Funko Pop.

We got a fun piggy brush from Hammie!
Thanks, Hammie.

I also went to another Bingo Night.
I wasn't lucky this time, so didn't win anything, but it was a fun evening.

On October 2nd we went on a long train ride to visit one of the suppliers of the games store where my owner works. Asmodee had a special store owner/employee day where you could see and try games they can supply to games stores.

I'm definitely going to get my trotters on this game! 
It looks awesome.

There would also be an auction at the end of the afternoon. I convinced my owner to try to bid on these cool posters.

We tried out a flip & write game called Get on Board. 
It was really fun.

Lunch was delicious. There was soup and all kinds of yummy sandwiches. I got one with fig chutney.

We also tried a game called Yak. 
It looked cool, and was fun as well.

The game Meadow looked so beautiful I might have played certain cards just because of how they looked instead of how many points they gave me.

The auction was fun, but very competitive. We didn't get the posters I wanted, but finally won a game near the end of the auction.

I didn't totally agree with my owner's dinner choices, but the potatoes were tasty.

We got a game for free as well!
My owner told me she played Battletech a long time ago, but she hadn't seen it for years. When we were looking at the stand of the makers Battletech they gave us this beginner box. How cool!

Finally we went back home, which was another very long train ride. It was a really fun day! 

My owner tells me there will be even more games in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for my next post.