Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Exploring Berlin - Egyptians and Other Things

Next we visited the New Museum where they have a large collection of Egyptian statues and art.

I think this is an Egyptian scribe.

Maybe he was the one who wrote all these Egyptian hieroglyphs.

An Egyptian sarcophagus.

The famous bust of Nefertiti is in this museum as well, but you can't take pictures of it, so I took a picture of another statue of Nefertiti.

I think this is Toetanchamon.

There was also some Medieval art.

The other museums on museum isle were closed for renovation.
All in all museum isle is a great place to visit.

The Berliner Dom again.

I also visited the TV tower again.

And the Neptune fountain.

I think this is a really cool fountain.

And we had to visit the Brandenburg Gate as well of course!

After all the walking we went back to our hotel and got some drinks and a snack.

We spend a few hours relaxing and reading.

In the evening we went out for dinner and I got a Lychee cocktail.

We had rice with a spicy dish with potato, bamboo, and bell peppers.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Exploring Berlin - Pergamon Museum

Another day, another breakfast.
This time we didn't need to be somewhere on time, so we could start the day at a more reasonable time.

After breakfast we first went in search for the grocery store. It was a warm, sunny day, so we wanted to make sure to have something to drink with us.

Next we went to museum isle.

The Berliner Dom.

There are lots of cool buildings at the museum isle.

And statues.

We visited the Pergamon museum again!
We have been there before, but it's such a cool museum.

I love the gate of Ishtar.

I think this is some Roman building...

Creepy baby angel.

Cool bearded Babylonian dude.

Bearded Babylonian Bull Dude with wings.

I especially love the cool bird creatures.

They have pine cones!

And another one.

The remnants of a statue.

It said these are lions, but I think they look like tigers.

Another half human, half beast something.

Part of the museum was closed for renovation.

There was a expo on Islamic art.
I really liked this camel.

And this scary bird pitcher.

The remains of an old temple or palace.

Coming next: Egyptians and more.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love Letter Convention - Day 2

On Sunday, May 21 we rushed through breakfast so we would be in time to have a good spot at the first event of the day

A reading by Ann Aguirre.

She read from Honor Among Thieves, the book she wrote together with Rachel Caine and which will release next year. After the reading I was even more excited about the book than I already was, and I pre-ordered it immediately.

Next Ann Aguirre, Samantha Young, Kelsey Sutton, and Cora Carmack talked about YA: First Love. They talked about why lots of people love Young Adult books, their own favorite YA books and their own first love.

Then we went to the Q&A with Kelsey Sutton and Cora Carmack.
They answered lots of questions and told stories about all kinds of things.

I was already looking forward to Roar by Cora Carmack, but I might try one of her New Adult books as well. And I love the books I read by Kelsey Sutton ,so I'm keeping an eye on her new releases as well.

There was another English panel after that, but I was a bit tired, so I went outside and enjoyed the warm weather. And at lunch I got to eat a pretzel!

The afternoon there weren't a lot of English events so we stayed in the garden and chatted with other book lovers.

We chatted with Cora Carmack for a bit and she posed with me for this awesome picture.

We also talked with Ann Aguirre and her husband some more and I got another signed book from Ann and bookmarks and buttons.

Then the big signing started, but we already managed to get all our books signed, so we stayed in the garden and chatted with other book lovers some more.

Finally we found a restaurant and I got to order this time.

It was a very yummy pizza.

After dinner we said goodbye to the others and went in search of our comfy bed. It had been a lovely convention.

Coming next: exploring Berlin