Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rain and Darkness

On Sunday we thought it might be a fun idea to have a look at a flea-market.

After a walk through a bit of a dodgy neighborhood we came to the market, but...

It started to rain.
We took shelter and waited for the rain to stop.

But it only got worse!

Finally we decided to go back to our hotel. We used a rain poncho to protect ourselves from the wet, and after buying food and drinks, we spent the afternoon in our hotel room.

In the evening the rain had finally stopped, so we went out for dinner.

Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

We saw some pretty cool things.

Back at the hotel we packed our suitcase, the next day we had to go home again, but we'd be able to do some last sightseeing in the morning.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Cemetery and a Swimming Pool

We visited a small cemetery after we left the Natural History museum.

I think this is Martin Luther.

Next we walked for a bit, and I spotted the TV tower.

And a pub that's not named after just any Oscar Wilde, but THE Oscar Wilde.

When we reached the Brandenburger Tor the sky was getting frighteningly dark, so we decided to go back to our hotel.

We got drinks at the bar, and I got a cocktail that was called Swimming Pool.

It was very tasty!

Rainy and Dark

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Knut and Other Animals

Today I'm showing you some more pictures that we took at the museum of Natural History.

It was really weird to see Knut in the museum.
Knut was a celebrity polar bear. He lived at the Berlin zoo. After his death they took him to this museum and prepared him to be on display.

Some kid of big bird.

The museum also had a big vault with lots of samples of all kinds of animals.


I don't want to know what kind of insect this is.

Some kind of dinobird.

And more birds.

It was a really cool museum, and I got my dinosaur excavation kit in the museum shop as a souvenir.

A Cemetery

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dinosaurs and Other Animals

The day after we visited Potsdam we went to the Natural History Museum in Berlin.

There was a really big dinosaur skeleton.

And fish fossils.

What a cool museum.

I loved all the dinosaur skeletons.

This is a really important fossil.
It's the first real proof that dinosaurs and birds are related to each other.

There were lots of other cool things as well.
Like this giant bug.

A really tiny deer-horse beast.

And lots of other cool animals and stuff.

Nothing is impossible.

More animals