Monday, July 19, 2021

Gilbert - Schloss Clemenswerth and Cocktails


After walking around the cloister garden we visited the chapel.

There was a skeleton in the altar. I wonder if it was a saint or somebody important to the family who used to live in the castle.

I really really do not like the people who used to live here!

All these hunting decorations would immediately go if this was my castle.

This one would be allowed to stay.

These were reproductions of what those boar hating dudes used to wear while hunting.

Even birds were not safe!

I still think the castle and the lawn were really cool, even though I did not like where it was used for.

In one of the buildings there were all kinds of paintings. I really liked this one.

Finally it was time to say goodbye to castle Clemenswerth. Apart from all the appalling hunting art and trophies it was a beautiful place to visit.

Next we went to a place I'd been before: the lake close to where Diana lives.

I spotted a piggy sticker on the spyglass.

And I got a Pina Colada!

We had a late lunch. I had fries and calamari.

We also had another cocktail. I forgot the name of this one, but it was tasty as well.

After lunch we had a small walk along the lake.

It was yet another beautiful and fun day.

This was our last big outing. We did go for another walk around the neighborhood, and we read, relaxed, and talked. In general we had an amazing time. On Wednesday we went back home. It was tons of fun to meet up with everyone!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Gilbert - Schloss Clemenswerth


On Monday we had a relaxing day with some shopping and a walk around the neighborhood, and in the evening a barbecue. I did take some pictures during my walk, but decided not to post them here on the blog, so I could jump right to our outing on Tuesday. (I didn't get pictures of the bbq for obvious reasons *glares at owner for eating unspeakable things*)

On Tuesday we went to Castle Clemeswerth!
This is a hunting castle, so it's kind of small, but with tons of extra buildings for guests.

It had decorations I couldn't really approve of...

But the buildings and the large lawn were really cool.

I spotted a caterpillar. 
There were warning against the processionary caterpillar, but I don't think this was one. I still didn't get too close just to be sure.

We were allowed in the main building of castle Clemenswerth with a guide to keep an eye on us. They seemed to be really scared we would damage something. Or maybe they were afraid we'd try to steal art, like this one on the ceiling. Although how you'd steal that I don't know.

My owner had to wear really big slippers over her normal shoes so she wouldn't damage the floor.

To be fair it was a really beautiful floor.

The inside of this castle was very baroque.

I think this is some kind of hunting deity.

More appalling decorations!!!

I think these might be the children of the guy who had this castle build. Or maybe he just liked having paintings in his castle of random children.

Next to the castle there was a monastery with a beautiful garden.

This was a little house where you could go for contemplation.

The monastery was closed for visitors as there are still two monks living there.

Coming next: more appalling hunting stuff and cocktails.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Gilbert - Castle Bentheim (last post)


The inside of castle Bentheim was really fun to see as well.

I spotted a horse battle armor on the wall of the dining room.

A lion crest.

There were lots of colored windows.

Oh, another battle horse!

I also saw the angry swan again.
I'd be angry too if someone was tooting his horn at me all the time.

Writing equipment.

There was a room where I think royalty used to sleep when they visited.

A study.

Not sure what the deal was with the cheeky nun and that knight.

Little grumpy angel.

I found yet another cannon.

I spotted a damaged lion in the chapel.

Overview of the chapel: there was a statue hanging from the ceiling.

Then it was time to go. 
It was a fun outing!

Next: more fun in Germany