Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Snowdrops and Lots of Pigs

I wanted to show you another picture of the Snowdrops as you haven't seen them in bloom yet.

This afternoon we went into town to get a birthday present for a friend.
We went to the local games store where we saw this:

I must say it was tempting, but I didn't buy it.
I did get something else though...

A box full of little piggies!
They are really cute and fun.

Snowdrops, Angus and Wok Euroborg

Align Centre

I want to start today with showing you the Snowdrops that my owner's OH brought home for my owner. Aren't they beautiful?

And here's a picture of my brother Angus that I think turned out great.

On to other things: as I told you yesterday we went out for dinner with my owner's colleagues today. We went to Wok Euroborg, a chinese restaurant where you can pick your own food and then let the cooks prepare it for you.

Wwe got sushi again and mushrooms in black bean sauce and Mihoen.

For dessert we got ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered ricewaffles.
It was a great evening with very good food!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Musical thingies

A while ago we got a box full of thingies you could use to make musical instruments.
Today I played around with it.

I made a windchime that I could hit with a drumstick that was also in the box.

This is what I liked the most:
A guitar thingie!

That's it for today.
Tomorrow we're going out for dinner with my owner's colleagues. I hope to post some pictures of that tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mysterious balloons

On our way to work today we came upon a trail of yellow balloons.
All along the cyclepath there were balloons tied to lamp posts and to trees.
It was like they were put there to lead you to something, but we couldn't figure out what that was, even though we did follow them as far as we could.
When we went home after work the balloons were all gone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today it is Pancakeday in the UK.
I might not live in the UK, but as I love pancakes (and luckily my owner and her OH too) we always celebrate pancakeday. As you can see I even got a special pancake-pan to make pig-shaped pancakes.

I even helped out with baking the normal pancakes for my owner and her OH.

Here's one of my pancakes.
I like to eat them with powder sugar.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sheep, a Raven and Waterhouse

I promised Eve a while ago to post a picture of some of the sheep that live here and here they finally are!
The sheep on the chair is Morris, next to him you can see Voodoo Bride, my voodoo doll.
On the ground from left to right: Marlin, Melinda, me and Blackie.

And this is Corwin the Raven.
Corwin usually hangs out with Morris so when I asked Morris to pose, Corwin asked if he could be in a picture too.

Lastly I wanted to show you the advert for an expo of paintings by J.W. Waterhouse.
I really want to go see this expo and my owner promised me we're going to visit it when she's got the time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crafts Fair in Zwolle

Today my owner, I and a friend of my owner went to a crafts fair in Zwolle, a city about 100 kilometers south of Groningen. We went by train.

The trainstation in Beilen.

The crafts fair was not really my thing, but my owner and her friend really enjoyed it: there were lots of quilt, knit and cross stitch items for sale.

There were also these two birds. They looked a bit strange, but they were nice enough to pose for a picture with me.

In the hall of the building where the fair was, there was an art-cow.

She had a nice green colour I must say.

After the fair we went into town to get something to eat and drink.
The tower you see in the background of this picture is the 'Peperbus', which means pepperpot. It's called Peperbus because the shape of the tower looks a bit like an oldfashioned (dutch) pepperpot.

Me and my owner enjoying a nice cool drink.
And in case you're wondering about the weird, yellow antenna thingies in the hair of the woman behind us: it was Carnaval today. It isn't something that's celebrated by many people in Groningen, so we didn't really pay attention to it being carnaval, but in Zwolle the city was full of people who had dressed up and were dancing and singing really awful dutch carnaval songs.

There was also a pole placed on the mainstreet with all kinds of heraldry banners from all the different neighbourhoods of Zwolle that all have their own clubs that organise festivities for Carnaval.

Now for some more pictures of Zwolle:

After we had something to eat and drink and after the little sight-seeing tour we went back to the trainstation.

And luckily we didn't have to wait long before we could take a train back to Groningen.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lots of pictures today

It might be saturday, but my owner and I had to work today.

This is a tunnel we pass almost every day on our way to and from work.

There was a bit of fog this morning and when the sun rose it looked beautiful.
We tried to take a picture of it, but I can tell you the real thing looked much more impressive.
(And in case you're wondering: I'm on this picture, somewhere in the dark)

No catering on saturday, so this is our sorry excuse for a lunch.

In the afternoon I found this strange thingie.
It looked like some sort of nasty metal claw or beak.

I tried to see if it was meant for puncturing paper, but it was too crude for that.
My owner says she thinks it's meant for removing staples from paper, but as we couldn't find any paper with staples in it, I couldn't try that out. Maybe someone else had removed all staples already and had forgotten the claw thingie.

Now for something else I want to show you:

The bench you see on this picture is standing in the middle of a so called 'businesspark'.
Around it are lots of buildings (including the building where my owner and me work) and carparks. I always wonder who thought it might be a good idea to put a picknick bench here. No one ever uses it.

Checking out the bench and the wood chippings that are placed around it.
The wood chippings look brandnew and very red.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Working..... again

As you can see on this picture it was a nice, dry day, but we couldn't enjoy it as we had to work all day. Tomorrow we'll be working again, so I'm guessing the weather will keep like this for a day and on sunday when we'll be going on a trip it will most probably be raining all day.

Me relaxing a bit on my owner's shoulderbag, after all the hard work.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scenes from a workplace and another housemate

Today we were at work at the backoffice again.
Another view from one of the windows, after sundown this time.
In the background you can see the lights from a soccerfield.

This is the mural in the mainhall from the building where we work.

Now the indroduction of another one of my housemates:

Sharkey, the oven mitt shark!

Don't worry, we were just posing for the pictures, he's not really trying to eat me.
Sharkey always helps with handling hot pots and pans and such.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work and Icecream

Another day at the cateringservice.
It was very quiet as there's some schoolholiday so lots of people are on holiday with their kids.
I must say I got a little bored so:

My owner got me an icecream to cheer me up.

This is the view from the window just before dusk.
The sky looked very beautiful today.

And lastly a pic we made using the obamicon-thingie Eve told about on her blog: