Monday, March 1, 2021

Gilbert: A Forest Walk


Yesterday we wanted to go for a walk, but because it's very crowded at our usual route we decided to go to Drenthe for a walk, away from all the city crowds.

It was close to the radio telescope of Westerbork. There was a sign telling you to shut of your phone if you were walking in the direction of the radio telescope, so we decided to go in the other direction. We needed our phone to take pictures after all.

No people in sight!
Let's go this way.

It was a lovely sunny day.

I did some exploring and climbed some trees.

I enjoyed the sun.

What a fun walk.

Hmm.. Let's go this way now.

This sign means you should keep your dog on a leash. Luckily I'm a piggy.

There was a tree with a big stone in front of it with text on it.

"Through the window of my eyes."

It's a monument to the song Window of My Eyes by Harry Muskee from the Blues band Cuby + Blizzards. It's on one of Harry Muskee's favorite spots and where he got the inspiration for the song apparently.

I can understand why he liked it here.

This is a marker stone so you know where you are, I think.

I spotted this next to the marker stone.
It's a wooden chip with something written on it in a language I don't know.

More tree climbing.

Checking if my owner is paying attention and still taking pictures.

After our walk we got French fries and chicken nuggets and then we went home again. On our way home there was a lot of fog, so we were lucky to have such a nice sunny afternoon.