Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Gilbert - Lots of Games


We got a new game: Final Girl.
You play the 'Final Girl" in a horror setting with a serial killer. You need to stop and defeat him before he kills you.

Our first time playing we got totally slaughtered! We did manage to rescue 2 people, but 6 others got killed. Even though we lost it's a cool game. We will defeat Doctor Fright soon!

On March 25 we went to Zwolle to a Game Day organized by White Goblin, a Dutch Game Company.

We got to play D-spirits, a new collectable card game. It seemed both too complicated and too easy at the same time to me.

We also played Gubs, a game where you have to catch weird creatures named Gubs. It was fun.

And Codenames Disney.

The most fun game imo was Powerline, where you had to build powerlines to earn points. If the look of the game had been more to my taste I would have been tempted to buy it.

After a fun day playing games with friends we went back home, but on the way back we did stop for something to eat.

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Monday, April 10, 2023

Gilbert - A Visit to a Museum (part2)


Some of the statues looked a bit off.

I think this is Apollo.

Even back then they couldn't lie about liking big butts it seems.

I really liked this one.

This statue depicts the story of a hunter who spied on the Goddess Diana who was bathing. She turned him into a deer and he was attacked by his own hunting dogs.

The light circled through several colors on this statue.

A crocodile painting.

The people in Pompeï and Herculaneum really seemed to like Egyptian art.

This table leg in the shape og a lion's leg with a really small lion's head on top was a bit weird...

I think this was a chest to keep money and other valuables in.


All in all it was a really interesting and impressive exhibition.

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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Gilbert - A Visit to a Museum (part 1)


Still catching up on everything I've done.
On March 19 we visited a museum.
There was an exhibition on Pompeï and Herculaneum, the two Roman cities destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
It was called "Dying in Beauty" as the cities were destroyed at the height of their glory.

The first thing we saw was a bit creepy.
You might think this is just the cast of a victim, but there are still bones inside as well.

Most of the exhibition were statues and other art that was found though.

This was part of a fountain that was depicting a hydra.

Isn't it cool?!

There were lots of statues.

And this was a mask for the theater. Looked heavy.

There was jewelry.

I loved this snake bracelet.

This Egyptian inspired statue was part of a table leg.

Oil lamps

There was even bread!
Because it was sealed in by the ash it couldn't burn up and fall apart I was told.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Gilbert - Catching Up


In February we also went out for dinner with family.
I was innocent of this brutal stabbing.

The restaurant had old paintings with piggies painted into them.

And I had French Fries!

Sullivan and I tried a game called Fossilis.
You have to dig up dinosaur bones. It was a fun game.

We also played Shrimp, a fun game were you have to collect shrimps.

With a friend we played Creature Comforts.

And an Escape Tale with a hero named Gilbert!

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Monday, April 3, 2023

Gilbert - Catching Up: Ice, books, and more


We really enjoyed seeing all the ice sculptures.

I really liked this snail.

And this sea turtle was just gorgeous.

I think this is an Indonesian Wajang puppet.

I think I can guess who sponsored the ice sculptures.

After visiting the ice sculpture festival we went into town.

Fitst stop:
The Broerenkerk.
It's a church that was restored and turned into a bookstore with a lunch room. We had hot chocolate with a piece of Schwarzwälder kirsch cheese cake. Yum!

Next we had a look around the bookstore.
They did a great job restoring it. 

And they had so many books!
I saw a lot of books I never heard of. We did find a book for Sullivan among the horror section.

Next we visited a Dominican cloister church.

I think thr windows were a newer addition. They looked a bit cartoonish in my opinion.

It was getting time for dinner.
But first I posed with the famous (within this part of the Netherlands) Peperbus tower in the background.

We decided to try Monster Sushi & Grill.

They had lots of yummy food.
The perfect way to end a fun filled day.

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