Sunday, August 28, 2022

Gilbert - August Update


We didn't go on many trips this month after our trip to Drenthe, but we did a lot of fun stuff.

We went out for milkshakes and ice cream!

I bought a London Bus Guide from Beanie in the hopes to inspire my owner to take a trip to London.

My owner brought me a cola flavored popsicle.

The stylish acorn hat I found in Drenthe got even more stylish by adding another acorn to it.

Isn't it cool!

My owner has to explain games to people next weekend, so we played those games. This is Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition. It is a cool game where you have to... well... terraform Mars.

We also played Parks. 
Here you go on hikes and try to visit the best parks and take the most pictures. With 2 players it's a very fun, tactical game where going too fast can be your downfall.

We played 'Alien: Fate of the Nostromo'.
Here you have to work together to escape the Alien.

Argh! There it is!

The Isle of Cats was my favorite. You have to rescue cats and get them on your boat. It is a really fun game, that we will be playing again soon! 

Villainous had really cool artwork, but I'm not sure if it's a game for me. Maybe it's more fun with three or more players than with two.

We visited Noorderzon. 
It's supposed to be a festival of Performing Arts, but it had more food stands than art, performing or otherwise. At least their French fries were really good!

They also had this cool grasshopper. I wouldn't have minded more of this kind of art and less food.

We played Parks a second time with five players. It was a very different experience than with two players, but still very fun.

We also played Escape Room: the Game.
We had to escape from a prison cell on a train and then get to the locomotive engine to stop the train before it would crash.

We managed with 55 seconds to spare!

And I played Bingo!

There was a Bingo Machine that randomly spat out bingo balls.

On my first card of the evening I won a bottle of Rosé.

We played several rounds where I didn't win anything. During a break my owner got us snacks. I didn't trust all of them though.

In one of the last rounds I had another Bingo!
I won a pack of Minion Playing Cards! How cool! 

There's another Bingo next month, I hope we will go there again,

All in all I had a really fun month!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Gilbert: Dinosaurs, Martini Church, and a Trip to Drenthe

Last Wednesday I got to try a new game: Dinogenics.
You get to create dinosaurs and make your own Jurassic Park. How cool is that!?

My first dinosaur was a Stegosaurus!

At the end of the game I had lots of dinosaurs! I didn't win, but it was tons of fun!

On Thursday we visited the Martini Church for work, but we took our time admiring it as well, of course.

I saw weird, but beautiful lights on the floor!

It turned out they were caused by the sun shining through the stained glass windows.

Hey! I've seen this painting before!
Last time I saw this painting it was in the church in Middelbert. I did a search and it turns out this painting is by Egbert Modderman, and he's the "house painter" of the Martini Church. So now I'm wondering if they temporarily loaned the painting out to the church in Middelbert, or if the one I saw there is a replica.

Here's another painting by Modderman.

It was cool to see the inside of the Martini Church.

On Friday we went to Drenthe.
We took a walk in the woods near Schoonloo.

I spotted this nice seat.

And I found a stylish hat as well.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep"

It was beautiful weather for a nice walk in the forest.

There was a small lake/pond in the woods as well. 

Next we went to see a Hunebed!
I know this guy: I visited this place last year as well.

This Hunebed is partially restored so you can see a bit better how they used to look.

After our walk we went to Rolde for drinks, a popsicle, and...

French fries!
It was an awesome afternoon.