Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Street Art, Ladybug and Church

I noticed this new Street Art today and made a picture of it for Coco.

And I also saw something for G.

And lastly a picture of one of the many beautiful churches here in Groningen.

For those interested:
The review of the book I showed you yesterday is up here.
(And yes: I already finished the book, which means it's good!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cat and book!

When me and my owner went to get groceries there was a cat on the roof of the shed where my owner keeps her bike. He seemed to be enjoying the view and the weather.

And look what was in the mail today! I've been eagerly waiting for this book to arrive as I really want to read it. Expect a review soon on my other blog.


Yesterday evening we played games. We started with Frank's Zoo, a game where you have to get rid of you cards as quickly as you can.

I had so many cards at first that my owner had to help me holding them. I had fun playing, but I didn't win.

After Frank's Zoo we played Bohnanza a german game where you have to plant beans. This is my favourite bean: the 'saubohne', literally translated meaning sow bean (female pig bean). Doesn't really look like a female pig I think, but it's cool that there's a pig related bean in the game.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Renovation chaos once more

Even more stuff for the renovation has been placed right in front of our home!
Any more stuff and we won't be able to go outside anymore.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zombie Fluxx

Today I played Zombie Fluxx with Angus and Schmorg.

Zombie Fluxx is a cool cardgame where the rules and the goal of the game keep changing by the cards you play.
And it has zombies!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flowers and Mail

I promised last week to show you the purple flowers once they were in bloom so here they are!

And it was dry enough to lounge among them!!

When I got home there was mail waiting for me!
It was Beanie Post, meaning it came from Beanie and Andrea.

They had remembered that I told I loved snow and wanted to visit Paris so they send me this pretty picture of the Notre Dame in the snow.

Thank you Beanie and Andrea. I love it! I'm going to display it somewhere where I can look at it and dream of the day I can see the Notre Dame for myself.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A nice day

It was lovely weather today so my owner and me went into town. We stopped at the playground so I could try out the see-saw.

Another picture of one of the paintings that decorate the gates around the houses that are being renovated. I really like this tiger-cat.

Even when it started to get dark it still was clear. Here's a picture of me at the 'Grote Markt' (big/large Market) the center of Groningen.

Don't you just love it when twilight hits and all the lights come on?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A new Hippo and Snowdrops

When I was at work yesterday a new hippo arrived at our home. Luckily my brother Angus, Easter Domo and Schmorg were there to greet him.

When I got home I had a little chat with him and he told me his name was Hunter and he came over here as his brother Travis already lives here and I suddenly knew why he had looked a bit familiar.

Hunter and Travis reunited!
Travis was very happy that his big brother decided to move in here.
(He really was, but I admit that it's hard to tell with Travis.)

And ending this post with a picture of these beautiful Snowdrops that my owner got from her OtherHalf.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food and a Curious Movie

Yesterday we went out for dinner to the Chinese Wok Restaurant!
Such a good plan deserved a toast!

As always there was lots of yummie food!

There was a really beautiful vase right next to our table.

I wonder what kind of creature this is. it looks a bit like a bat.

Some more delicious food spam especially for Demented Wench.


And guess what movie we went to see after this delicious dinner!

Yup: Alice in Wonderland!
It was a really fun evening.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stinky Socks, an Orc and Easter Ears

Today I saw a really cool street art thingie and I took a picture of it for Coco as his owner is too busy to take him on an outing to see it for himself.
No stinky socks allowed! Hmmm... I think I agree with this sign.

I also visited the Amazing Oriental Warehouse and my owner got me a can of Mountain Dew.

It had an Orc on it! Isn't that cool?

At the supermarket I got a pair of Eaterbunny ears you can colour yourself and then put on your head if you want. I knew just the animal who would love these, so I got my crayons.

and I started colouring!

All done!

All that was left was cutting out the ears.

And they were ready to put on Rudolph's head! Rudolph really likes Easter and we get him an Easter decoration every year.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Nothing much picture worthy happened the last few days, but today my owner had to pay a visit to her doctor so I came along ofcourse. There were lots of signs telling us not to use cameras inside the building though so I could only take this picture of the entrance.

This afternoon I noticed there are lots of flowers already, like these Snowdrops.
Spring is on it's way!

I love the colour of these flowers. I hope I'll remember to take a picture once they're in bloom.

And for those who don't follow my other blog: there's some new reviews and a meme on Pearls cast before a McPig

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lots of new Friends

Yesterday we visited some friends of my owner and I met lots of cool creatures!

First I met this weird robot monster!

He looks intimidating, but he was quite friendly.

And I also met R2D2!
I didn't understand all his bleeping, but he seemed like a decent fellow too.

A Dalek!

Don't let his hard exterior fool you, he's a big softy at heart.


There was one creature that I found very intimidating: This Alien Queen.

She hugged me which I found a bit scary, but luckily she seemed to like me.

A less frightening creature was this Komodo Dragon.

The last new friends I like you to meet are these transformers.

Scary Birdy liked to sit on my nose, which was a bit uncomfortable I must say.

All in all I had a great evening and I made lots of new friends.