Friday, June 24, 2022

A Mug, Cheese, and More


My owner and I got a cool mug at work! It has zombie cats on it. Sullivan is jealous.

And we got a present from Hammie! A hippo eraser.

You can be sure no erasing will be done with this hippo, he's much too cool!

Our owner's Other Half got cheese for us on Wednesday. Schmooples was very happy with the cheese. He says that a Nug's appetite needs to be sated with cheese. The older, the better. 

Hollyhock picture spam

Yesterday Sullivan received a mysterious package.

There was a cool raven on the wrapping paper.

An Advance Reader's Copy of Improbably Yours by Kerry Anne King! Sullivan is very happy with it: he loves Kerry's books, and this one sounds really cool!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Gilbert - June Update


I got a pack of Fortune Telling cards two weeks ago. They're very fun.

Sullivan had two bingo's in Beanie's Bus Bingo game and won a bookmark and a magnet.

Last Saturday I went into town.

It was lovely weather.

I bought a mushroom pie, which was very yummy.

On Monday I got to try Chili Cheese Nuggets. Those were very yummy as well.

Yesterday we went to Game Night. I got to try green kroepoek (shrimp cracker).

And we played Feed the Kraken!
It was a fun game, but my owner needs to learn how to keep a poker face when lying.

I also got to drink Absinthe.
It was a really fun evening.