Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lots of Presents!


We got lots of packages for Christmas.

We received a package from Freya early in December.

We finally opened it on Christmas Eve. It had chocolate and candy in it! Yum.

We also received a package from Diana.

There were several presents inside.

There was chocolate, and cookies, and eggnog, a candle, and Christmas ornaments...

And a platypus!
I think it was made by a colleague of Diana. Isn't it awesome!

There was a present for my owner's Other Half as well. Me and the kitty helped unpack it.

It had specialty beers in it, but I forgot to take a picture.

There was also a big box from Miki! The mailmen tried to keep it for themselves, but after a few days of skipping our house they finally delivered it!

There were lots of yummy cookies, chocolate, and caramels inside! And presents as well! One was an early birthday present for my owner, but the others were for Christmas!

There was a mouse for the kitty! She loved it and couldn't stop playing with it.

A Cthulhu wallet.

There was a pretty bag that had something inside.

More presents!

Handmade hair clips. Aren't they pretty and cool!

And a Cthulhu mug.

What and awesome package.

We also got books from Melliane, of which we read one already.
Thanks Melliane, Freya, Diana, Miki! We feel very spoiled.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Small Update and Happy Holidays


On December 12 we went to the birthday of my owner's mother!
We took the train to get there.

There was a really cool cream cheese cake that was decorated by my owner's niece.

And I got to a piece of loaf cake that my owner's brother made for a local baking contest and that won first price! Well deserved in my opinion, it was super yummy.

There were lots of other yummy snacks, and in the evening we traveled back to Groningen after a fun and food filled afternoon.

We are gearing up for Christmas and already received some Christmas presents and boxes that are waiting to be opened. Thanks to everyone who sent us things to make our Christmas a fun one!

Sunday, December 5, 2021

An Update from Gilbert


I haven't blogged in a while so it is time for an update.

Last month I went out for dinner to the Korean restaurant.

I got to eat squid!

And I had a Wasabi Martini of course!

I've been accompanying my owner to work. On our way home we often pass this cool building with a big chimney with lights on it.

There's also an awesome mural at the building.

We received an early Sinterklaas/Christmas present last week.

And Sinterklaas left marzipan piggies in our shoe a couple of days ago.

He also brought us book-shaped presents!

Oh, I saw the movie Dune not long ago. I wonder if I'll like the book better than the movie. Sullivan says I need to see the old movie, which is awesome in his opinion, but first we'll read the book together.