Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walking to Work and a Package

This morning we discovered that there had been water leaking on my owner's bike. As it had frozen again after that, her bike was covered in a layer of ice, including the lock, so that meant we had to walk to work today.

It was a beautiful walk with all the snow so I didn't mind.

At work I saw this picture in the newspaper. I'm not the only animal braving the snow and cold.

When we got home there was a Christmas/Early Birthday package for my owner from Eve.
Look at all the cool stuff she send!!
Eve: you really spoilt my owner! It is a great package.

Eve did send some things that were for me, like this really cool book about a naughty pig. I hope she doesn't mean to imply I'm naughty though.

There were also some new housemates in the package.
This is Scarem the Bat.

And meet Wilbur the Pig.

And lastly:
Schmorg the Chocolate Monster.
I think my owner will have to race Schmorg to the chocolate from now on.

And finishing this post with a pic of me and my owner, who's wearing the beautiful pig mask that was also in the package.


Eve Noir said...

Yay, so glad you got the package! And so happy you both like everything. :) Nooooo Sullivan I don't think YOU are naughty. ;)

Take care Carien & Sullivan, Love EVE, XoX

Beanie Mouse said...

Oh!! Birthday?? Have I missed Sullivan's birthday?? I've made the perfect present for him, which would be late for christmas anyway.....!!

Marlowe said...

All those things fit in one box! That's an amazing package to get for your Christmas present or birthday! That is so cool!

Hammie Hamster said...

What a nice present! G. says that she is very happy that the chocolate monster doesn't live here, she just bought some new chocolate...Your owner looks very happy wearing the pig mask! We can see her eyes sparkle:-)!!! The bike picture is double cool ;-)...

Vagabond said...

Hi! I wanted to send you a nice digital Christmas Card, but discovered I do not have your email... So I have posted it on my hyves page (you can find me through the hyves page of our mutual Friend A.B. I couldn't find you on hyves however...) Anyways the intention was no less: HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2010 :)

Sullivan McPig said...

@Karen: The same to you! and we think we found you on hyves.