Monday, December 7, 2009

New housemates and games

Sinterklaas brought us some new housemates this saturday!
This is Sören the Sheep. He comes from Sweden I think, but his accent is a bit diffucult to follow so I might be mistaken.

And this is Diego the Skelanimal Bat.
He took one look at the cool skelanimal we got from Eve and felt right at home here.

On to other stuff:

We got a really cool game from Sinterklaas: The Rise of Atlantis!
I spend a lot of time playing it yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday evening we played 'Nijlpaard in de Achtbaan' (Hippo in the Rollercoaster). It's a fun game where among other things you have to describe stuff, mimic stuff and even use clay to make other people guess what subject you have in mind. It also has pigs in it and I think it should be called 'Pig in the Rollercoaster'.


Marlowe said...

I think your new friend looks kind of like you! Except for the fact that he's a sheep, of course!

permanentcloud said...

i heart your new sheep friend! :) and hippo in the rollercoaster sure sounds fun to me!

the only boardgame i have played lately is candyland...and it gets kinda

permanentcloud said...

p.s. - i have an "experimental" blog going that i will send you the link to soon! i think i just needed to start with a new slate... :)

Hammie Hamster said...

Looks a like a fun game to me! And welcome Søren and Diego good luck in your new home!

BumbleVee said...

I see a hippo in a bathtub...! ahhah.... looks like a fun game..