Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sinterklaas Avond

Friday night my owner and me baked Speculaas cookies for Sinterklaas which was on saturday.

My owner's OH had made a McPig cookie the last time we baked cookies, so this time he made an Easter Domo cookie!

Saturday: Sinterklaas Avond!!!

We started Sinterklaas Avond (St. Nicholas Eve) with what we call 'gourmetten'. You cook food at the table on a small burner and with a very small pan (well, small for humans anyway) and everyone has his own pan, so everyone can chose from the different ingredients that are on the table. My favourites are mushrooms, small pieces of potato, garlic and green beans.

After dinner there were presents! Sinterklaas had brought a big bag full of presents for me, my owner and her OH and some of their friends. I wonder how he knew those friends were visiting us, but my owner tells me Sinterklaas knows all as he has Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) listening at the chimneys to see if people have been bad or good and if they deserve presents at all.

I must have been good as there was a present for me, Coco, Angus, Domo and the other animals in the bag too.

Ok, let's see what Sinterklaas brought us.

A box full of small candycanes!
We're going to put those in the Christmas tree as soon as we bought it.

This is the mess left after unwrapping all the presents.

Here I am with the marsipan figures that were given to my owner's OH and one of our friends. Left is the horse Sinterklaas always rides on and on the right Sinterklaas himself.

I almost got attacked by one of the presents: these racing grannies.

And here I am with what I think is the best present we got: a 3D picture of me!!!

I absolutely loved celebrating Sinterklaas, it was a lot of fun and we got great presents!


Hammie Hamster said...

Looks like you had a real nice Sinterklaasavond! We like the 3D picture a lot. And the Easter Domo is cool too. Did you get away in time for the racing grannies??? We had a marsipan horse just like that at our Sinterklaascake! We enjoyed your blogs about Sinterklaas a lot and look forward to your Christmas blogs! Thanks!

Sullivan McPig said...

We had a lot of fun! And I got away from the grannies, luckily they weren't as fast as me even though they were racing grannies.

Marlowe said...

I wish that my mom celebrated St. Nick's day. We come from an area that does-- but Mom says that she didn't celebrate it when she was a little girl. She only found out when she started to work at a bookstore and it got busy around that day for that reason!

I think your presents-- especially the Domo cookie with all that detail-- are pretty cool. I like the 3D picture too! I hope I get cool things for Christmas!