Monday, January 9, 2023

Finally an Update Again


We tried some of our dinosaur games!

Dinosaur Paradise was really cool! We got to create an ecosystem that could support a big T-Rex population.

Draftosaurus was fun as well. You had to fill a park with dinosaurs, but not all dinosaurs could be put in the same enclosures.

On Christmas Eve we had oliebollen!

On Christmas we had lots of presents from Miki!

Look at all these awesome presents!

There were fun animals.

A Pusheen Diary and Pusheen buttons!

And cool hair clips for our owner.
She wore one of them to Christmas dinner!

Thanks miki!

Our owner got a Bad Janet t-shirt from Jeffe. We approved!

We went out for Christmas dinner and I had lots of yummy food!

Just after Christmas we caught a cold, so we didn't do anything special for New Year's Eve. We hope to be fully recovered soon.

I know I'm late, but still I wish everyone a lovelt 2023! 

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