Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Gilbert - A Birthday Trip: Day 1


On Saturday we went on a trip. My owner told me to pack for several days.

It was a rainy and grey day,

First we took a bus.

Then we took a boat. I think I know where we are going! We got hot chocolate on the boat.

We went to Schiermonnikoog!
I've been there once before on a day trip, but Sullivan had several birthday trips to Schiermonnikoog. He always stayed at a hotel, I wonder if we'll go there as well.

It turned out my owner booked us an apartment because the hotel was closed in January this year. The apartment had a nice livingroom.

And a dinner table.

A tiny kitchen.

And a comfy looking bed.

And a small bathroom. Looks like it has everything we might need.

It was in the middle of the village as well.

Too bad it was still raining, because I wanted t go exploring.

My owner made a run to the supermarket and another store and came back with chocolate milk, Amaretto, and a raincoat for me. She told me that hot chocolate and Amaretto is a tradition on these birthday trips.

It kept raining all afternoon, so we stayed in relaxing and reading.

In the evening it stopped raining so we went for a short walk to the water tower.

They were showing movie clips on the tower. It looked strange.

On our way back to the apartment we went to the snackbar and got French fries and a chicken burger for dinner. Yum.

And we made hot chocolate with Amaretto! We could only find small cups, so my owner said we would have to get a bigger mug the next day.

Next: a long walk

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miki said...

i'm glad you had fun