Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gilbert - A Trip into Town and More


We went into town not long ago and I met this beaver at a shop that sold outdoor stuff like raincoats and winter gear.

After that we got a nice bottle of cider,

and a vlammenkoek (a kind of pizza).
It was a really fun outing.

The next day we participated in a Pub Quiz!

And we won!

We visited friends and played The Hunger.
It's a fun deck builder/race game with vampires. I got a piggy familiar!

Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands and left us a present!

A book.
Sullivan immediately started reading it.

And we played Planet B with friends!
At Spellenspektakel we only got to play a few rounds, but now we got to play the whole game. It was lots of fun.

And it has Dodos!

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