Monday, November 14, 2022

Gilbert - Spellenspektakel - Part 1


On November 5th my owner had me get up very early, because we were going on a trip!

Together with a friend of my owner we took the train to Utrecht to go to Spellenspektakel for two days. 

Spellenspektakel is a big games fair where you can see games, play games, get information about games, and of course buy them if you like them.

Once in Utrecht we walked to the building where the fair was. It was rainy, so my owner didn't get a picture of the building.

The first game I saw was Bar Pig!
We already got it as a present for our birthday, so no need to buy it again. I did pose with the bar pig though!

Next we were invited to take part in the White Goblin Experience. It was a room with all kinds of stuff related to White Goblin Games. You could find letters that if put in the right order were the name of a Flamecraft dragon. It was fun, even if this plague doctor wouldn't tell me where all the letters were.

Next we tried a game: Tiny Towns.
We had to collect building materials and build all kinds of buildings to score points.

I won!

We got an orange token as a price. If we could win 3 tokens we could spin a wheel of fortune, so we went in search of more games to play.

I won again with Railroad Ink. 
Here we had to draw railroads and normal roads to score points

Next we wanted to try another game, but nobody could explain it to us, so they gave us a third token as a consolation.

So I immediately went to the wheel of fortune of course!

I won a goblin plushie named Gobby. How cool!

We walked around and looked at all the available games. There was a stand that sold Murder Mysteries. My owner's friend bought one, and we get to organize it with her in a couple of months. 

We spotted a cool looking dragon game and had to try it out.

We had to collect dragons and the person who got the best combinations won the most points. It was a nice game.

I spotted a dinosaur game at one of the shop stands,but it was very expensive.

Another dinosaur game!

We couldn't play it, but it looked absolutely beautiful!
The goal of the game is to build an ecosystem that can support dinosaurs. I really wanted it, but my owner said we should wait with spending our money in case we saw something we liked more.  

This one looked cool as well, but not as cool as the dinosaur game in my opinion.

This one was very tempting as well, but I think it might be a game for children.

We tried another game: My Shelfie.
We had to create a bookcase full of pictures and other stuff in a certain order to gain points. It was a fun game.

Next we wanted to try Woodcraft, but once again there wasn't anyone who could explain it to us.

We tried figuring it out ourselves, but it was a very complicated game with lots of options. We were told there would be someone the next day who could explain it to us, so we decided to try again the next day.

The hours really flew by while we played games and walked around. Before we knew it it was almost closing time. Even though we had pizza for lunch we were getting hungry as well. So we got our luggage and went in search for dinner.

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