Monday, September 26, 2022

Gilbert - A Trip to Germany: Farmers Market + Bourtange


On Sunday (September 11) we loaded our suitcase in Diana's car to go back home, but first we made a few more trips.

We visited a farmers market near Furstenau. It was part flea market, part fair, part cattle market.

I liked seeing the birds. I think these were quails.

There were fluffy feet chickens.

And turkeys. 
My owner told me she had turkeys once and that the male turkey was very aggressive, so I kept my distance just to be sure.

There were two guys with falcons and other birds of prey.

I once again kept my distance, but it was really cool to see these birds.

These guys were making rope.

We spotted hippos!
They were neck pillows, but a bit too expensive to buy one.

After the farmers market we drove back to the Netherlands, but we weren't going back to Groningen (city) just yet.

We visited Bourtange!

I love Bourtange. It's a small fortified town in Groningen province.

There was an autumn market at Bourtange, and I spotted a cool piggy hat. It wasn't in my size though.

The market was fun.

I also did some sightseeing around the town of course.

It's beautiful here.

Next: more Bourtange and food

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