Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - part 1

The weekend of Pentecoste we went on a fun trip!
We visited Aurian in Germany. She had invited us and some other booklovers for a weekend of books and fun.

After we arrived and stored our luggage she took us shopping and we visited a small store that sold really cheap cookies!

I had trouble deciding which to get, but finally settled on pina colada cookies.

Next we visited a lake.

I tried out the spyglass.

Such lovely weather.

I almost felt like I was on a tropical vacation.

We ordered cocktails and my owner and I had a Swimming Pool.
There was also a cocktail named Zombi. I might have to try that one if we visit again.

The view at the house we were staying at.

In the evening we had our own liqueur tasting, inspired by the tasting me and my owner had not long ago. Most were really yummy, there was only one we really didn't like.

After much tasting we went to bed. We had a room to ourselves and a beautiful purplish bed cover.

I read a bit, but then went to sleep: ready for more fun the next day.


Beanie Mouse said...

Oh what fun!!! Green cocktails......!!

Sullivan McPig said...

So delicious!

miki said...

thank you for sharing your adventures with us!