Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Long Weekend of Fun - Part 3

After our visit to the herb garden we went to a lookout point.

It was lovely weather.

I had a great view and a nice spot to sit.

This is the life!

In the afternoon we went to see a parade from the local shooter club.

These guys are all hunters and/or interested in target shooting.

This parade was for their king who was stepping down that day. The next day there would be shooting games to decide who would become the new king.

After the parade there was a party.
Everyone was invited.

In the party tent there was a stage where people could say goodbye to the king and his wife.

Next we went to look at a church!

We walked around it first, and I spotted an old barn.

This was a really old church. Over 800 years old!

It was a beautiful church in my opinion.

With very old painting on the ceiling.

It was a lovely afternoon.

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