Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Market in Bremen

I went to the Christmas Market in Bremen - Germany - last weekend

We would be staying at the house of a friend so we first put our luggage there and then walked towards the city center. I spotted this statue along the way.

I explored it of course.

There were lots of cool buildings.

A church!

It was the Dom of Bremen.
We had to see it from up close of course.

I think this is a gryphon.

The inside of the Dom was beautiful.

Oh, we reached the Christmas Market.

There were lots of stands with Christmas ornaments and other cool Christmassy stuff.

And lots of Christmas decorations everywhere.

And look what I spotted!

The Bremen town musicians!
There's a really cool fairytale about these animals, although I think it would have been even cooler if there was a pig with them also.

Luckily I also found a really cool pig statue as we were exploring the market and the city.

We also found a windmill.

This is the main train station. There was a Christmas market there as well.

When it got darker the lights everywhere made things look really beautiful.

What a cool Christmas Market.

More pictures tomorrow!


Beanie Mouse said...

OH WOW!!! Love the piggie statues!!

Em said...

My parents saw the Christmas market in Nuremburg. Now I want to go to Germany for that.

Sullivan McPig said...

It was the first time I visited a Christmas market in Germany but now I want to go to more!

Hammie Hamster said...

Oh jaaa! De varkens!!! Die hadden wij toen ook op de foto gezet :-)!!!!