Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Large Christmas Package

Yesterday a large Christmas package arrived, filled with presents.

It turned out to be from Miki, and she sent lots of yummy treats as well.

The presents are for Christmas and as an early birthday present for me and my owner as well. We can open them om Christmas Day, but we were allowed to open one present right away.

It had a beautiful cactus inside!
I love these kind of cacti.
Thanks Miki!

Here the cactus is with the other cacti in his new home. We'll take good care of him.

Thanks for the awesome package Miki!
I'll try to be a good piggy and stay away from the other presents until Christmas.


miki said...

oh you had a cati just teh same ( or very similar) already....bad me i should have checked better

but i'm really happy i was able to send you this

Aurian said...

What a lovely surprise, and so many tasty things :)